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A Journey From Planning Best Friend's Birthday Parties To Her Wedding: Painful Yet So Beautiful

Date: 2018-08-01 18:02:24

By Mansha


Is your best friend getting married? Mine just got married.

We are sisters from different mothers that are what we call each other. Our friendship starts in the first year of college, we met, we started hanging out and soon we were best of friends.

We used to get kicked out of classes, our holi celebrations were crazy, and we literally painted our college and friends. We knew, if we had each other, we have everything. Teachers used to call us "gang" if anything used to go wrong, we were the first ones to get blamed and we took that with pride. We were each other's strengths in those days. I was bad with maths, she used to teach me so that I can pass with subtle marks and I used to teach her theory because she was bad at memorizing things. We made more friends; our group was one of the coolest groups. Our never-ending pranks, ex's issues, proxies and those bunking days were a dream for many students. Our laughing sessions during the lectures were an entertainment for the whole class, everyone used to wait for us to comment so that they can have a good laugh. Soon, college was over and all these memories are still fresh, we still laugh at them and we still wish to go back.



Our Jodi was no less than Karishma-Kareena Kapoor, or Shilpa-Shamita Shetty Jodi, we were and are so close.

Everything was funny was for us, drives were never-ending, our late night calls used to be a comedy show, we often used to think, what will happen if someone listens to us right now. We planned so many things together, our trips, lunch dates, coming up with crazy birthday party ideas and most importantly, what will happen when one of us will get married, we used to plan on what songs we will dance on and our bachelorette trips.

Soon I got a call and the bomb was thrown by her...
She said, "I am going to meet a guy."

That very moment I experienced this excitement and emotional feelings. I was worried for her, how the meeting would be like and what if everything goes fine and soon she was on her way to Mumbai to meet him. I waited for her texts and soon it popped up saying, "it's a yes".



The excitement was next level within me, I was jumping, I was dancing, I was crying and I was waiting for her to come back so that I can hug her and say, I am so freaking happy. Celebrations started, we bridesmaid started thinking about trips, planning was at full speed. She got busy with her shopping and our "we" time was lost somewhere, I started missing her and just used to think "where is she" and soon realization hit me that, this is how things would be, now the maximum time of hers would be with him. I was happy for her, so much freaking happy but at the same time, the feeling of ignorance hit me. But it was all worth it when I used to see her all smiling and laughing. Her shining eyes were my strength.



Wedding days were near and stress level was high, what will I wear; I have to look my best, our photo shoots, our dance practices, excited for so many things. We all bridesmaid planned to wear something similar on her functions and soon "THE DAY" arrived, I looked at her while she was walking on the aisle with her father, I couldn't control my tears and joy at the same time. It was hard to believe that with whom I had spent the best days of my life, she is married now and she will be far away from me, in another city. I danced my ass off and those were the best 3 days of my life.



Seeing your best friend with her prince charming is the best feeling you can feel, her happiness is all that matters but at the same time scary feeling of losing her is worse but friendship is made in heaven. It's not that weak, its way stronger than we think. Even though marriage changed our routine, even though I can't talk to her every day and every night but whenever we do talk, nothing seemed changed. Her priorities can be changed but her love for you can never end.

This was my story, comment down and let us know, what were your feelings when you saw your best friend walking on the aisle, let's make this comment section a beautiful sister duo column.

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