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Disha Parmar Said NO To Engagement Rumours With Rahul Vaidya.

Date: 2020-11-12 11:34:39

By TabloidXO

People who follow Bigg Boss 14 is familiar with Rahul Vaidya proposal to Disha Parmar. Rahul went down on his knees, proposing to Disha with a ring asking her to marry him on her birthday.

He even wrote "HBD Disha" on his T-shirt by using red lipstick.

rahul vaidya girlfriend disha parmar
rahul vaidya proposal

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While in between this cute proposal, there were speculations from some people that both Disha and Rahul are already engaged. As we cannot wait for Rahul's answer as he is inside the house, but Disha gave a befitting reply to this fake news.

An account named 'The Khabri' posted this news of Disha and Rahul are engaged before he entered the BB house. To stop all the gossips, Disha directly answers the post , she said, "Calm down! And stop spreading fake news! That's all."

rahul vaidya girlfriend disha parmar
rahul vaidya girlfriend disha parmar

Before he went down on his knees, Rahul gave a beautiful speech where he expressed his feelings, he conveyed, after entering the house he realized the importance of relationships that he has outside the house. He missed Disha on numerous occasions where he felt very lonely.

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Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are good friends; they know each other for a good two years. Earlier also, they had been linked to each other as couples, but Rahul made a full stop to those rumours and said that they are not in a relationship, they both are still exploring their friendship.

rahul vaidya girlfriend disha parmar

Do you want to see Disha Parmar going inside the house to respond to Rahul's proposal? If she goes, what do you expect her answer to be? Yes or no? Comment down below.


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