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When I Caught My Brother Red-Handed With His Girlfriend, Oops...

Date: 2018-11-11 16:12:37

By Mansha

These brothers are very smart when it comes to hiding their relationships from us and over possessive when it comes to us with our boyfriends. Their relationship is valid with someone else's sister but their sisters can't be someone else girlfriends. Confusing right? This confuses us too. This story is what my brother did when he found out about my "so-called" boyfriend who was not even my boyfriend and what happened when I caught him red handed with his beautiful and official girlfriend.



This started a year back when I was dining with my friend because another friend ditched us at the last moment so we thought why to cancel the plan, we both can meet for lunch. There he (my brother) appeared suddenly and gave me the bad look ever, messaged me asking who is this boy sitting with you and if he is your boyfriend? I replied him back that stop making assumptions, we are just good friends who were met through a common friend and she ditched us at the last moment so we continued with the plan. When I was back home he said clearly and in a sharp voice that if you have anything with him tell me now later I don't want any fuss. I made him sure that there is nothing and I have no boyfriend because till now I haven't found anyone of my type.


There I thought why couldn't I have a relationship if I want it, what could have happened if I was in a relationship with him? My brother could have locked me inside a room and could have threatened him to come near me. Why they are allowed to roam with anybody and we can't? I accepted this fact a long time back that this is how brothers are and we can't do anything about that.


Least I know was, he was in a relationship and he made sure that this is in covers especially from me and our family. One day, I planned a movie afternoon with my friends and it was Sunday. We took back seats because the view is best from there but we had middle seats because couples occupied corners. There I turned my head from right to left just to see or judge the people and if the whole auditorium is full or not, there I felt as if I know this guy and I looked more carefully the second time, he (my brother) was there that too with a girl ALONE holding her hand and way too close just for friends. I messaged him "where are you" his phone beeped, I could listen to that beep, he opened my message and replied "out with Shrey", I laughed and vowed to myself that I would take the revenge and will make him realize that he can't be right always and I have a right to choose my own partner without his consent.


In an interval I walked towards him, he saw me and immediately pulled his hand away from her waist. He got to know that now I know the truth and there is no point hiding this from me. He laughed and said, "Okay, meet her", I laughed and said hello to her and she got miserably uncomfortable but after the movie, we had drinks together and now she has become a sister to me.


No matter what, brothers would be like this, over possessive and smart but when it comes to your happiness they will fight for it against the world. He just wants us to be safe and choose a right person because he knows how guys are.

I love you my brother and now I love my future sister-in-law more than you.

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