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7 Types Of Evils In You Which You Should Burn This Dussehra

Date: 2018-10-18 12:43:00

By Mansha

Dussehra, when the Ramlila ends and people remember the victory of Rama over the Ravan. We celebrate this day to set the example of the victory of good over evil. Along with the fire and Ravan, this year burn your evil spirits too, which causes an imbalance in your life and people's life around you. Give birth to a new side of yours so that you can spread peace, harmony, smiles, laughter, and love all around you. That's how we will burn the real Ravan than burning the Ravan of woods and plastics. Types of evils in you which you should burn this year along with Ravan...


Jealousy is like being sad irrationally. It will only bring dark clouds in your life, being jealous of someone is a way of showing that you are weak and incapable of doing something. Happiness is being happy in others success, that will bring joy and love from that person. Jealousy only makes enemies and celebrating others victories will bring more to you then you have ever imagined.


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Human's nature is not being satisfied with what you already have, we always want more. We often look at people who are above us and more successful than us, that makes us greedy. But when we see people who are below us and they are fighting hard every day to get what we have, that brings a feeling of blessed by God. Greed is the most common evil which every human has somewhere in him or her. This year burn this evil and you will experience and witness something new in yourself.



While thinking of doing good for ourselves, we unknowingly do evil for our society. "Corruption" an evil spirit that gives birth to more evils, it's not easy to go on a right path always, sometimes when we have to come out of something bad or getting something badly, we opt this evil trait. We pay for the greed that makes us greedier with time. To eliminate this greed, we have to burn the corruption too.



We all live in a society where ego is the most famous evil spirit. In proving ourselves we become harsh with people, we try to show ourselves superior in every way that makes people loathe us. People talk about us and how we are heartless which spreads negativity around them and us. So why to showcase this spirit which gives birth to hatred and anger. Burn this and experience peace of mind.


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To live a life without guilt, it's important to burn anger. Sometimes when we get angry without realizing we say such things to others, which hurts them and when we realize our mistakes it gets too late to apologize for. Anger is our worst evil spirit, which only gives us guilt, and memories, which we never want to remember in our lives. burn anger and then you will learn the real meaning of friends and fun.



Being selfish is good sometimes but being too much selfish is outraged. It shows that you don't care about the other person, what they are going through or what they are dealing with is none of your concern. You don't care about them or their sufferings. Burn this evil trait; learn to do something for others and that will give you immense happiness than being selfish.



Ignoring other's feelings:

Not showing any concerns about other's loss or not showing sympathy to them is another biggest sin. This tells you are a heartless person who only worries about yourself. Burn this trait on this auspicious day and feel the other person's feelings that will give you the feeling of warmth and peace.


Today, I promise to myself to burn these evils on this Dussehra from inside. What about you?


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