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Check Out What Celebrities Have To Say After India's Heartbreaking Loss To New Zealand In Semi Final.

Date: 2019-07-11 15:48:12

By TabloidXO

We are proud of our team the way they played! We usually remember either the winner or somebody who touch everybody's hearts with the performance and team India, you did the second part in the best way possible because winning people's hearts is equally important than the trophy.

We are fighters and we surely will get the cup in 2023 with team India's sheer determination and hard work.

From from 5-3 to 221 was a big margin and at one point we will be out before even touch 100 but, we did, we fought till the end and that is what makes us Indians proud of you. Here's how celebrities reacted to the loss:


Boys, we will put more efforts and we will get the cup in 2023. #KarHarMaidaanFateh

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