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We Need To Change, 'Akeli Ladki Khuli Tijori Ki Tarah Hoti Hai', Grow Up!

Date: 2019-03-24 17:39:02

By Mansha

"Tu itni raat ko akele aayi hai?"

"You shouldn't have come alone at this time because akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai"...


There would be no girl who hasn't listened to this quote at least once in her life or I would say, we all have listened to this many times and every time we wish to give those people a classic reply but then "our sanskaar's" stop us. Don't they girls? Because every time I think of my parents and decide to keep my mouth shut or otherwise I would have given them the perfect answer.


"It's you because of whom the girls have to feel like a khuli tijori, you keep your eyes away from us or our life and we would be safe".


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Isn't it should be the other way around? Start asking your sons to be at home on time so that they don't slay their eyes on any girl and say, "you were inviting it because you are like a khuli tijori". New India demands equality and freedom, start it with the women's issues, make them feel free from all the restrictions and myths then you will see the India shining like a star. Coming back to the topic, who made this quote and what they did think before writing this? Were they objectifying women or they were just trying to give some new lines to the actors? Whatever it was, it still hurts after listening to this line even after years, it makes us remind that no matter how hard we try to prove ourselves, but girls would always face this "you are weak" attitude or "we are not safe" attitude.


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Guys, "khuli tijori" means treasure which many people around the world dies to win it, so, what you are trying to say? That we are not women, but some kind of expensive treasure or you want to win it before anyone else could, what we are? Assets or things, which get sold in the market? No, We are human beings who have feelings. So stop giving us titles, quotes or any other things which you do to make us realize, "we are girls" because we are not just girls, we are WOMEN. The future of this world and the ones from where the world starts, you came out of us and because of us this world is still present.



Respect us and give us our space because we deserve it. We deserve to live with the same dignity as men's lives, we are not some "tijori" or "we don't invite things", we just want to live our lives on our own terms without any rules, regulations, and charts of saying, what are we and what not...

Change this quote "akeli ladki ek khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai" to "akeli ladki 10 ladko ke barabar hoti hai" because we don't need any shield to protect us, we want every shield to stay away from us, we were, can and will take care of ourselves because we are not WEAK...


TAGS: people thought on women, people judge women, women stereotype, akeli ladki khuli tijori
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