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8 Changes That Happen Between The Husband And Wife After Marriage

Date: 2019-05-31 12:38:52

By TabloidXO Writers

They say, marriage is a long-term commitment and it demands adjustments, sacrifices and much more. If marriage brings changes in women's life, like, entering into a new home and adjusting according to them. Even, men have to go through various changes like sharing a space.

It would be unfair to say that marriage brings changes only for women because that is not the case. If women are vocal about it, then men choose to be silent about it, they believe in working on their relationship harder than their wives.


Today I have come with the changes that men and women go through after getting married...

New family:

If a woman has to enter into a new home among the new people, then a man too has to accept the new family of his wife. He has to work little harder to gain their trust on him and eventually they both have to lay down their best efforts to accept their new families.


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A woman has to go through adjustments like living according to the new atmosphere, whereas men too have to go through adjustments like sharing his space with her and living on a new time table according to his wife's expectations.



Women have various responsibilities after marriage like household chores, professional work, her husband and responsibility of a new house, but men too have to go through new responsibilities like keeping his wife happy, to make sure that she eats on time and she is not feeling lonely because of new members around him.


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Balancing between both the families:

If women need to balance between her both the houses, then men too have to look after both the houses because he can't afford to love less his in-laws as they are the ones who have given him his better half.


He can become a sandwich too:

Unlike women, men become a sandwich between his mother and wife because of all those 'saas-bahu' dramas, he feels stuck between whose side to take and every side is a deep well.


Friends take a back seat:

After marriage priority changes, friends take a back seat for both of them and they become the first priority for each other. Very often girls say, "guys go through no change, especially in terms of friends" but girls, they do. They meet very less compared to their old days only because to take care of you and to give you all their time.



Life after kids:

If women go through physical changes during pregnancy, then men go through mental changes. He keeps on thinking about how to make the pregnancy days better and how to secure his child's future because father only worries about safe future and mother worries about health and happiness. They are the team...


To sum up, life changes:

Marriage brings the baggage of all the above things and man and woman work as a team for a better future and happy married life. Life does change, but for the best...


We wish you a very happy married life to every couple out there. Have an awesome year filled with love and care.


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