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Check Out Earthen Diyas That Can Burn For 24 Hours. Salute This Chhattisgarh Potter.

Date: 2020-11-06 17:45:54

By Jitanshu

We have faced one problem with earthen diyas that the oil in it soon runs out, resulting in refilling the lamps again and again which sometimes get tedious.

According to reports, a potter from Chhattisgarh's district Bastar, village Kondagaon, has solved this problem for us. Ashok Chakradhari (potter) has designed such a lamp that has the capability to burn for at least 24 hours straight. People who know him or people who purchased from him are also calling Ashok's Diya a 'magical lamp'

earthen diya
Source: ANI

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He with his innovative mind thought to build this innovation. Ashok says, he saw one YouTube video where a lamp that had a structure over it which can be used to store oil, and that gave him the idea to design something similar of his own for Diwali festival.

earthen diya
Source: thebetterindia

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How the earthen pot by Ashok looks like?

Ashok made 3 different parts to complete this magical Diya. The first part is a lamp to light the cotton, the second a dome-like structure to hold oil, and the third a tube so that the dome could be rested on top of the lamp. One end of the tube is open which is fitted in the lamp so that the filled oil helps the lamp to not go empty. The whole structure has a handle too for holding the Diya pot comfortably.

earthen diya
Source: thebetterindia

"I had tried 5-6 times, and after that in a week I got success. The problems I faced initially was sometime of the dome containing oil would become heavy and fell on the lamp. I have tested this by filling the oil and lighting the lamp."


How this earthen Diya works?

The dome-like structure which is open from the end is turned upside down over the lamp's base; this will lead the oil to start pouring into the lamp (first part of the lamp).

Now whosoever will buy these Ashok's Diyas can now enjoy watching the fire not die out for an entire day.

earthen diya
Source: thebetterindia

About Ashok Chakradhari (potter/artisan):

He is not selling online, neither he owns any store. He sells his crafts locally. People living around his village visit his home and purchase his items. Apart from the magic lamp, he makes decorative, elephants, horses and fountains based on orders. He also makes coffee mugs, dinner sets, water matka's, etc.

"Pottery is a family business that I learnt from my father. I have been practicing the art since childhood and have been earning from it all my life. I have three daughters, two of them are studying while my oldest is helping me with the business. She also does a bit of pottery."

Let's promote Make in India and Ashok's innovative creation by sharing this article. If we cannot buy from him for now but we can definitely convey his story to the people. Also, buy earthen diyas from your loval vendor instead of electric lights (Chinese).


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