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'I Married My Crush Through The Arranged Setup.'

Date: 2019-06-10 17:14:15

By Mansha

Once upon a time, there was a simple and elegant looking girl in the campus, whose smile used to drive me crazy and her dark black eyes made me fallen for her but every time when I used to think about telling her about my feelings, fear stopped me because I was an average looking man and she was a princess but guess what, this average looking man got her later in life not by proposing to her but our parents arranged the date for us.


A few years back, I was ready to be her puppet, I stalked her on every social media platform and tried to be friends with her friends so that I can get time to spend days with her. We started being friends, we partied together, gone for group dinners and more but I never managed to tell her about my feelings because I was afraid of rejection.

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Soon, the college got over and I lose connection with her. I did make up my mind to forget her and focus on work but least I knew was, God has another plan for me.

It was my 25th birthday and my father asked me about my thoughts to get married to which, I said, "I am ready now". Next day, profiles started coming in and every morning my schedule was to read each profile. No one clicked me from first ten profiles but then eleventh profile made me shocked and happier at the same time. I had no idea, how to respond and words started coming out of my mouth automatically. I said, "dad, check this one."


For the next seven days, nothing happened because my profile was already gone to her house and there was no reply for a week. I lost all my hopes thinking, she must have rejected my profile but the reply did come after almost a week that they are ready to meet.

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I was shocked to the core. I was nervous about what we will talk about and how will I start the conversation? Within a few hours, our meeting was finalized and our parents decided to let us meet first in a nice five-star hotel.


I was all dressed in my favorite outfit and I put my step out of my house with a little bit of nervousness and excitement.

I entered the coffee shop, took the side table in the room and that’s when I saw her in an outfit which almost took away my breath. I shifted a little in my seat and got up to pull a chair for her. We sat and shared a few glances before we started laughing like what is going on? Soon conversation took its pace and things seem the same as they were in college. I told her about my crush on her and she admitted her feeling for me, this was the reason she said yes for the meeting.



There itself in a meeting we decided our answer but still, we decided to meet for the second time because we wanted a reason to meet (I think, we were enjoying each others company).

The second date happened and without even knowing, we fell for each other and within a week our families met and we get ROKAFIED.


I am lucky to have a life partner who was my crush before because my love had never died in all those years, I prayed every day to meet her once and share my feelings and god listened to me. He heard my prayers and gave me my first love as my loving wife.


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