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No, I Never Had A Crush On My Teacher, Yes We Exist!

Date: 2018-09-05 21:43:52

By Mansha

People say, once in their life, they all had a crush on their teacher but that never happened to me. I always saw my friends fantasizing about our teachers and discussing how cute and attractive they are but that used to creep me out. I thought crush should be on someone that can really happen in future, what's the about in developing a crush on a man or woman who is already taken or even married. I found it the meaningless and total waste of time.



What has really happened to the people who developed a crush on their teachers, nothing apart from making a joke of themselves? Still, they are here where I am or I am even at the better place than them because I know who to love and whom I really attracted to. According to me, they had a problem of recognizing the real meaning of infatuation. Infatuation should happen with a person who should be really your type and with whom you can imagine even 1% of future, what's the point in fantasizing about a person who can never be yours, no matter how badly you want that person or it should be with someone to whom you can really ask out in future and that you can never do to your teachers who are way older than you or I would say there is literally a generations gap.


Once I had the same argument with my friend long time back and she was trying to make me understand that why they really do this. What all she said to me was creepy and scared the shit out me, trust me. She told me, it gives us a sense of understanding of love and attraction because falling in love with an older man or woman is way romantic and satisfying because older man or woman is mature enough to understand you and I said, what's the point when they can never be yours, she hadn't had the answer for this but still she found nothing wrong with it because according to her falling in love or infatuation with an older man or woman gives you the feeling of becoming mature. After having one hour of discussion with her, at the end of it, I was exhausted and realized that she is mad and she needs some kind of treatment.


Now also when I see my younger cousins, they tell me about their attractive teachers and how they find themselves attracted to them. I feel maybe I am not normal because every person down there is having a crush on his or her teachers. But my kind of people does exist who knows how meaningless and a waste of feelings are all this.


If you too are my kind of a student then tell us your views on this, how you feel when you see your friends around having crushes on people who are way older than them.

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