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Even After 10 Years, 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' Teaches Us To 'Live Life King Size'

Date: 2018-09-25 17:51:05

By TabloidXO Writers


Some movies leave a lasting impression on us for reasons unfathomable to our conscious mind. Some movies are to be seen, some to be understood and some to be felt by the heart. I watched 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' some time ago and think about it whenever I try to rate a movie. I don't call it my favorite movie, for I have been more entertained by others. I don't call it the best movie. Horror and romcoms are my favorite genre. Still, I'm greatly attracted to this one as it holds a substance and I wish to revisit it because it contains a lot of latent wisdom.


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The curious case of Benjamin Button has a stellar cast. It's a romantic fantasy drama film directed by David Fincher. It's loosely based on a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Brad Pitt plays the lead role in the movie. Cate Blanchett appears in the movie with a very important role. The movie is altogether curious because it's about a man who ages in reverse. It's the story of his life. Benjamin Button was abandoned by his father once he was born. His mother died during childbirth. He was brought up by a black lady who treated him like her own son. She has a huge influence on his life. Benjamin was born old. She never left him go but took good care of him. He meets Daisy in his primary years and they meet at various points.


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They live together and even welcome a baby together. Benjamin is forced to leave as Daisy was growing older and he, younger. As he turns in an infant at old age, Daisy takes care of him and he at last dies. The movie is basically the life of Benjamin from old age to infancy. Benjamin worked on a ship and received a lot of priceless experiences. The film is about a man who couldn't fit it but tries to hide that in every way possible. A storyline about Mr. Gateau, a bookmaker also comes in the story. He made a reverse clock so that it traveled back. He thus hoped that his dead son would come back and the war would not happen. This adds a peculiar dimension to the movie.


The movie starts with the dying Daisy asking her daughter to read the diary of Benjamin. Only, at last, her daughter realizes that she was the daughter of Benjamin too. This is a surprise for the viewers. I like the way the movie stands out as it's a very different movie. We all know that Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett are amazing performers. This movie proves that. Both have received a lot of awards in their lifetime. Their expertise is very much visible in the movie. The film won many awards including 3 Academy Awards. It did well at the box office too.


The movie teaches us to let some things go. We should go with the flow of our lives as all of us are different. No other person can understand what's within our heart. Only we know that. We might be different. We should embrace our individuality. It also talks about life. Life can be very unpredictable. We need to push it when we face obstacles. We need to follow our dreams. We need to cherish life. The movie thus proves to be very significant.


Try to watch it, if you haven't seen it yet. It's a very good watch.

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