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How An Indian Date During A Pandemic Will Be?

Date: 2020-07-18 12:03:14

By Manveen

Dating seems like a fantasy right now. Oh wait; it always has been some sort of fantasy only as it mostly involves some unrealistic standard or the other. But how can one possibly go find a new date when everything is shut? Even if you do find somebody appropriate on Tinder, how do you take it forward? We have been at home for more than 3 months now. The first date after the lockdown or during the pandemic will hit totally different.

date during pandemic

Well, Starbucks is open and are only allowing two people in a group, which is fine for a date, but because of the social distancing measures, they have only opened limited seating option so how do you manage to squeeze in a friend to spy from the other table and act as your safety net simultaneously? Tough times!


Girls mostly are excited about all their dates. Blind dates or tinder dates. First date or 50th date, it has a kick that gets our adrenaline going. Is it actually because of the fact that you are going on a date or because of the fact that you get to play dress-up with all the right motivation? Let us leave the topic open for discussion.

date during pandemic

Dressing up for a date involves multiple planning with the best friends. Pre-salon visits, skin care routine, etc. Making sure the hair is well-groomed too, and taking photos of all the appropriate outfits you select and then sharing it with your girl gang and asking them to pick one. Well, it's not that easy as it sounds, that is one big task and if you have a girl GANG instead of just one girl best friend, you know how long that can take, every friend will have their opinion and listening to one and not others will land you in trouble before going to your date which even you don't know will be a Yay or Nay.

Oh, the efforts we put in is another turmoil we get through!

Once the outfit is ready, then you need to wear everything together and stare at yourself in the mirror long enough to reject? Hmm...

date during pandemic

And once again begin the entire cycle. The weird part about dressing up for a date is that you also feel awkward to ask your date to take a photo of you. So the entire look has to suffice in selfies. It all feels like it is worth it as long as the date goes well, but boy, if that blows, then you curses at the universe. You have to handle a bad date in a good outfit, which still sounds fine, but to accept the fact that you put in so much effort only to be on a bad date.

You know what is worse? If your date does not show up. OUCH!

date during pandemic

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