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To My Dear Childhood Friends, 'Yeh Dil Tumhare Pyar Ka Maara Hai Doston'

Date: 2018-08-05 15:33:13

By Mansha

Kisi ke kaan mein heera, kisi ke haath mein heera
Humko heere se matlab kya, Hamara toh yarr hai heera...

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in our lives and when it comes to childhood friends, they are the most precious part of our lives.


A journey started with fancy dress competitions, mass bunks, those punishments of standing hours and hours outside the principal's office, those lunch breaks while teachers were present and what not. They know us from inside and out, they get to know what is happening inside of our minds when we are completely shut. They understand you like no other. Sometimes, even your parents get confused because of your behavior and that time they run to your that childhood friend, who knows much better than them. Yes, we make friends throughout our lives but childhood friends are way more special. They stand with us when no one else does and they even celebrate your happiness like no one else can.

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Many of us must have several childhood stories and I have them too and they are most cherished memories of our entire life.

Ye dil tumhare pyarr ka maara hai doston...

Remember, the first day of school? We cried so much saying, Mumma, we don't want to leave you, we will be so alone and then our mother said, you will meet your friends there and you will enjoy with them the most. So right she was. When we met them and when we used to be with them, we were the happiest ones. Those innocent times of playing on the slides and attending morning assemblies with a smile, learning every single word together and then crying for not going home without them. Those kindergarten days were the beautiful days. And then we came to high school, golden days of our lives. The amount of fun we had there, we can never have anywhere else. Having arguments with your teachers because she was scolding your friend, those crushes and trying to make that crush talk to your friends and giving them rubbish and stupid ideas to talk to them. Bond is irreplaceable.


Those birthday parties and getting beers without your parents get to know, getting drunk and then babysitting them and those break-up days were hard to forget. Listening to their cries and taunting them how right you were and then being with them till the dawn. Getting fail together and abusing the other one if by chance they get the pass by one mark. Learning how to drive for the very first time and then taking them on drives, those late night sneak outs. All this we can only experience with our childhood friends.

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As we cried on our first day of school, we cry even more on the last day of school. And then, life happened. Separation happened and college took us to different destinations. But nothing could change our relationship. They are the only ones, which remained constant. And now after years, we are still the same, even if we are seven seas apart.


O le lo paisa, te le lo pyarr
Mainu mere yarr mod do...
O kisi kam di ni yeh mehngi car
Mainu mere yarr mod do...

Childhood friends are family. They say, the family is what that God has chosen for us and friends are that family which we have chosen for ourselves. Don't know, what our lives would be without them. Even though we all are far apart and too busy with making our living but whenever we get in touch, after days or months, nothing seems changed. We still laugh at those school memories and wish we could go back.



While writing this, tears started rolling down and realizing how far we came, my favorites.

ek wari, o rabba mere yarran nu to mod de
vekh le tu, chahe aap aake
ona di kinni lod ae.

This friendship day, call those buddies and let them know that they still live inside your heart and will always will. No matter how many people come and go but their place will always remain theirs.


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