The Security At Deepika And Ranveer Wedding Was Way More Tougher Than Your Office Entry Gates

Date: 2018-11-14 21:20:07

By TabloidXO Writers

Source: Hindustan Times

Your office security checks are incomplete if compared with Ranveer and Deepika wedding security at Lake Como, Italy.

Realizing all day long - "how I couldn't find out a single picture of the couple or even any guests at their wedding?",
Now I got the answer,

The security check at their wedding was so tough, yes it was!

Source: Hindustan Times


I think even the guest might be impressed by the arrangements,


Oh no, I am not talking about the food and fabric which they used for the decorations but the advance security technology and the brainy guards they hired.

Yes, the technology also.

Do you know, to enter to the lavish CastaDiva resort in Lake Como, the guests or visitors had to wear a special wristband and not just this, to make the security double proof, security guards even cover up the camera lenses on mobile phones with stickers.

Can you beat that?? Wow man, Door Ki Sochi Hai Ranveer Babu!

The e-invites for the ceremonies which the guests have received have a QR code which is to be scanned at the entry gates of this lavish property.

Source: Hindustan Times

Even the local authorities had warned boat rental companies to make strict inquiries for anyone who rent a boat. The local authorities are taking the guidelines seriously to prevent the privacy leaks. On the lake itself, numerous security boats have been patrolling to stop the photographers to take photos.

I think we don't have to get surprised because now we know why the photos were not available on the internet. Kudos to the security team there, You all deserve that!

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