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Okay, Finally We Got Something For You From Deepveer Wedding Celebration, & At 6 PM Their Pictures Will Be Out?

Date: 2018-11-15 16:08:47

By TabloidXO Writers

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It's been around 18 hours or more since we got the news that they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Bhavnani, the netizens are clueless about our loving couple Ranveer and Deepika pictures, even we are clueless too!

But, in this entire complicated situation, we have found some insight about the celebrations which happened at Lake Como resort,

Here they are! We can see the ladkewale family, the father of the couple Jagjit Singh Bhavnani and sister Ritika Bhavnani getting off the boat:

Ohh we got to see, Papa Prakash Padukone, in a white dhoti kurta and shawl wrapped around his shoulders!

See Ranveer and Deepika under the umbrella. Okay, if not the front of both the couple, atleast we can see the back, until we get the full view:

A video was released on the internet where the guests were seen exiting the wedding venue after the rituals (I guess) from the Casta Diva resort,

Post the Konkani wedding ceremony there were fireworks which has lit up the dark clouds. Watch the out maestoso view of the dark sky covered in all colours:

Just 2 hours to go to see Deepveer pictures in full HD. No more blurry images from the internet, now will see the official picture which will be released by them.

Congratulations to our laado pyaare couple, Deepveer!!

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