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10 Depressing Situations Every 20s Something Is Going Through.

Date: 2019-04-16 16:32:40

By Mansha

When we are in school and college, life is easy. It is all about, homework, friends, parties, and exams and that's the worst to worst tensions we have in our lives which seems big to us in that age but when we enter into the 20s of being independent, responsible and caring, things change and life changes in every way possible.

The 20s brings a roller coaster ride of emotions, on one side, we feel delighted that we are finally stepping into the world of adults but on the same side, it brings the feelings of "what next and what if things don't go as per plans". Yes, it is the scariest age of all times because our whole lives are based on these few years.

Depressing situations every person in 20s are experiencing...

Lost in terms of career plans:

Many youngsters feel confused about their interest area and what exactly they want to do to earn a good livelihood.


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Wedding pressures:

Once the youngsters are set in terms of their careers, the next thing, which haunts them, is "marriage". Families often pressurize them to get married and have kids.


Not able to find a preferable life partner:

Taking a decision about getting married is a task in itself but finding the right one is much more difficult than taking a decision of getting married. This often breaks the patience level in the youngsters.


The loneliness factor:

The busy and responsible life often forget the life which we have left behind, the life of friends and fun, this brings the loneliness felt in the youngsters which makes them irritated and depressed.


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Not able to find the time for themselves:

As the 20s brings hard work and new challenges, it makes it difficult to take out the ME time which results in over stress and tensions.


Not sure about what we are doing:

Even though we are settled in our work but still sometimes, youngsters do feel if they are doing the right work and if the outcome would be what they have expected. They feel frightened about their work and the amount of energy they are putting in to make it work.


Scared for future:

Every person in his or her 20s, do think about their future with family and further. They feel scared about, what if things get worst rather than get better and what if we wouldn't be able to provide what they deserve.



Not able to leave the old life behind:

Few youngsters feel pressurize and stressed in leaving their good old days where they partied alot with there friends but now, the busy life has made them feel vulnerable.


Pressure of doing everything perfect:

People in their 20s are more keen into depression than any other age slot as it brings the baggage of doing everything perfectly and leaving the old life behind.


We fall and rise:

This age also teaches the art of fall and rise. People fail in their work and gather the courage to do better the next time.



20s kids need support from elders and love from their well-wishers because going through this age is like driving on the road with lots of bumps.

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