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This Is What I Don't Like When People Celebrate Independence Day Like This.

Date: 2019-08-09 19:46:25

By Abhishek

I have been fascinated by the Indian culture and especially Independence Day. I have seen people with tri-color painted face, people running after kites, screaming I-bow from their terrace; this is how we know about celebrating Independence Day. However, there is another story to it!

celebrate independence day
Source: Jaipur Blog

As you clicked this article because the title made you do so. No, I am in no spirit to stop people or urge anyone of you to stop celebrating this historic day, but the least I can do for now is, show you how we humans live in this world with so much showboat. The motive of this article is to put a flash on how fake some of us can be.

Here are some reasons on how not to celebrate Independence Day like this:

1. Cursing the Government.

Cursing the government for not cleaning the garbage on the road and in the other few minutes, we are the one who is polluting the road by throwing plastic or cigarette butt.



2. Buying flag for selfie.

Buying Indian flag just for the Insta and Facebook selfie and dumping the flag on the ground after the glam sham selfie session is over.

celebrate independence day

3. Dry day is not really a dry day.

Dry day! Did you hear DRY DAY? Is it really a dry day that day? Most of us run to buy the beers from the black market or sneaking it from Dad's collection.

celebrate independence day

4. Not cleaning the premises.

So, the party started, paper plates and glasses are all used, but where do we need to throw them after use?


Do we actually do on our part? And *most of us* blames the government for the mess.

celebrate independence day

5. Chinese Manja.

Despite the ban on the use of nylon or synthetic threads which are popularly known as "Chinese Manja", people across India still buy it, because for us birds don't matter, right?

celebrate independence day

6. No family time.

Spending all day with friends and not giving time to family is not pretty cool. Every parent would love their child to be with them for at least some time.

celebrate independence day

7. Be Indian, Buy Indian.

"Be Indian, Buy Indian", this is applicable on just Independence Day, because, the next day no one wants to remember "Buy Indian", we are back in our western wear.

celebrate independence day

Hope, one day we all will be FREE from all such show-offs.

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