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Do Not Play Holi With These 5...

Date: 2019-03-21 00:45:08

By Mansha

Holi is a festival of colors where people fill their lives with actual varieties of colors. It brings happiness and takes away sorrows and make the lives sweeter by sweets but it turns into the nightmare when people decide to play from things which can harm people, like, Balloons.
Throw balloons to the people who can take it like of your own age but don't throw it randomly because you don't know what that person is suffering from. So don't throw it without seeing and noticing people around.

Kind of people with whom you should stop playing Holi...

Pregnant woman:

They are already going through the phase where they are facing physical problems like backache, legs pain and more. So, why to add another problem by giving them more pain because balloons can give major pains and colors can cause breathing problems. To sum up, play with their consent and help them when they would ask for.


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Old people:

They say an infant and old people are similar because they need help in whatever they are doing. So, stop hitting balloons on them because it may hurt them badly especially in their knees and backs, also colors can give them asthma. On this holi, apart from giving them problems, sit with them and shower your love on them because they need your time and love apart from problems.



If they don't speak or complaint, that doesn't mean that you will hurt them. They are not your slaves, don't make him your target only for fun because it might give you a minute of laughter session but they tolerate each ache silently and in tears. Dogs are the sweetest and most friendly animal, so, put your loving hand on their hand and you will receive their love, which would be a hundred times of your love.


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Physically challenged:

If a person is not able to fight back that doesn't mean that you will hurt them to strengthen your ego because they are no less in terms of manners, love, and hard work. They leave from their home to work and to have a good lifestyle like any other person. So, show some mercy and let them leave in peace because they don't deserve your egoistic behavior.



Someone who is dressed:

Not everyone loves to play holi, some want to go their lives smooth like before like they get dressed in the morning and leave the house for work or anything. So, don't be mean and don't ruin their day and mood for your little bit of enjoyment. This holi if you see any person, who is all dressed up, let them go and let them celebrate their festival in their own way.


Holi is a festival of spreading colors with love and wishes. So, don't ruin it by making a festival of aches and problems, be a supporter rather than an evil person.

We wish you a happy holi. Be safe and keep rocking!


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