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To Those Who Put Dog Photos On Instagram, 'Bhai They Know There Are Cute, Let Them Enjoy Real World'

Date: 2019-04-03 12:13:04

By Manveen

One day in the kingdom of Instagram somebody uploaded a photo of their dog which indeed was cute, then he had a better idea. He decided to post photos of his dog every day. But he still was not satisfied, something inside him was sad and disappointed. It was like an internal battle he was fighting in his heart every day, not being able to fulfill his duty.



And then the miracle happened, Instagram added the feature of putting stories. It was like how God showed Noah, his destiny, Instagram showed him his destiny. Thus he began on working towards his final fate, now he uploads five stories of his dog and ten photos on his feed every day.

Following his footsteps, a girl started doing the same, then another guy, then another and Jaise boond boond karke sagar bharta hai similarly dogs and dog lovers became a subculture kyunki cool lagne ka haqq is for everybody. Hashtag-Equality-For-All.


No clue who this guy is but as a non-dog lover, we are sending some major hatred towards him. Yes bitch, (should not be offensive for you now, right?) finding some abusive GIF's for you, check your DM.


When they will write about our generation, they will talk about a subculture of dogs. Once upon a time, there was a Renaissance era, the Industrial Revolution happened, Hiroshima-Nagasaki and then people in 2019 posting dog stories. Hum pe Nahi toh future generation pe taras khalo, imagine their history books having photos of dogs.


Mann karega uss bache ka padhne ka?

What if he fails? Apni story daalne ke chakar mein kisiko fail karvadoge ab tum?


Do you guys know that some people have a legit phobia of dogs as well? Yes, those cute little furry friends that lick your face all day with their tongues, have you ever happen to notice those pointy sharp things called teeth surrounding that tongue and that thing called neck very close to your always licked face with way too essential nerves?


Imagine one day the dog decides to see whether his teeth still work fine or not, ab tongue toh daily use ho rahi hai aaj teeth day karte hai and uski test drive ke chakkar mein tumhara "The End" na hojaye.


Pretty sure all these people that bitch, whine about some obsessive girls and guys putting their partners' photos with PDA all the time are the same ones that do the same thing but with their dogs. Now if this does not make you question your love life then what will. But who cares, geek is the new cool, all the vella people rulzzzz.


But it is a free world now. Love your pet all you may but stop posting it all day. "Pyaar kiya toh darna kya so similarly kutte se pyaar kiya toh every second show off karna kya".

Anyway, it is not the coolest thing that you could have done but bye!

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