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Diwali, A Festival Of Joy And Happiness But Not For Stray Dogs, Let's Make This Diwali Happy For Them Too

Date: 2018-11-06 15:58:11

By Abhishek

It's that time of the year where we all celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali. We all are in full swing of excitement and happiness where we meet our family and friends to spend some quality time.
After all, the Diwali festival is all about sharing happiness, care, and companionship, to humans.


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Oops sorry, how can we forget animals, stray animals, and stray dogs?
Don't you think they deserve equal love and affection from us?

But, the way we celebrate Diwali looks like we really don't care about them. Do you know how traumatizing crackers loud voice are for the dogs?
Just because we want to celebrate Diwali with fireworks and that too loud ones, and in all this, we always forget, there are other living beings that live with us on this planet and they definitely deserve peace and care from us.


And no, I am not saying that we should stop celebrating Diwali, but, what I actually mean is, we need to take an extra care of our lovely friends, dogs.
Why not go total green, by lighting up our houses with diyas, candles, and lights? After all our ultimate aim is to celebrate Diwali with family and friends, and sharing happiness together, right?


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Being the ex-parent of my late dog and currently the parent of stray dogs near to my place, Day before yesterday I was feeding the stray dogs, they were enjoying their meal, a little bit of fight between them (you know siblings thing) to get who will eat fast, and in all that cute moment, suddenly the firecracker burst out near to them, which made them so frightened, until now they are afraid to get out of their shelter and being their companion I can't see them so afraid because of us, humans.


And if anyone still thinks that it is okay because it's just for one day and they can cooperate or "Seha lenge wo because they are brave..." please don't put your extravaganza celebration by risking their ears and the whole them.

Do you know dogs have a better listening power than humans?


While lighting out the crackers we close our ears because we know they are too loud, so think of those dogs and other stray animals that are living out on streets, how will they close their ears?
Those who have or had a pet at home; they know how their pooch reacts when they hear a loud voice from outside and those who do not have any pet at their home, let me tell you how they react to such explosions which are entertainment for us but for them it's a torture.


Crawling down the bed or sofa, hiding their eyes from their hands because they really get scared and even after the festivals are over and there is no loud sound from outside, it takes hours and hours for them to get normal.
And right now, I am talking about the pet which is living at home, so now think about those stray dogs who have no option but to hide under a car which too is dangerous because sometimes that leads them to get hurt if the owner does not check the car below before moving.

Note: Always check your car while you move, because for dogs your car is the safe zone for them

Let's make them happy this Diwali, let's do it for them to make them feel special by saying no to crackers.
Being Caring!
Happy Diwali Animals, we all will take of you!


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