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Shaadi Karni Hain? Then Don't Be Like This.

Date: 2021-03-04 16:00:17

By Manveen

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How abrupt will it sound if we tell you to cook halwa out of cauliflower? Or Laddoo out of peas? It does not sound very appealing now or does it?

So similarly you can force people into marriages but how well will it work for them is quite questionable.

Anyways, here is how we are helping you out. We have written down some red flags which will give you the hints with the type of people you may meet during the rishta meeting or if your girlfriend/boyfriend is like one from the list then you should be aware about it before.

1.) The Censor Board should definitely hire this type: The critics.


To have opinions is one thing and to express them is second but hello, douchebag can you stop dictating me life rules?
Shaadi nahi karni mat kar, P.T. teacher mat ban.

2.) Berozgaar.


Love is blind but not your stomach mate. We are not propagating any gold digger lifestyle but if you think you can spend the rest of your life with someone who cannot earn the bare minimum for themselves, it won't be easy. This goes for both boys and girls.Mehengai badh gayi hai, standards bhi badhaao.

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3.) Umar pachpan, dil bachpan.


No, not literally pachpan but if you come across an adult-child, thoda bohot hang out with them, have fun but to get married to them is not going to be an easy road. The adult-child is an adult on the outside, but all child from the inside. This type of partner will consult his or her parents about every major decision and only turn to you as an afterthought. And don't even think about saying anything less than complimentary about your partner's parents.

4.) Robin to your Batman.


This one always has the same answer for you "yes, okay", which might sound like the best option but to have somebody with some genuine opinions and feedback and honest communication will keep the marriage alive.

5.) Balaji-bhakt.


This one believes in drama and over drama and the drama will never end. Ek thapad ke baad teen flashbacks, yes this is their deal. Imagine sitting in a restaurant with your partner and your partner screams and squeals like a five-year-old when they see a certain prop?

Just imagine.


6.) The lone wolf.


If you have a partner who is independent and has a different circle and all that is fine but if your partner treats you like they are just as fine even when you take a day, week, year, and forever off then let them be there. You go find yourself somebody who values you and isko jaane do Game of Thrones mein.

7.) Negative+


The world is not always hearts and flowers and we agree with all Mark Manson and his subtle artistry but just to live in the dark side and spit negativity as a dragon spits fire, how can you ever live with that?

8.) Plastic.


Plastics from Mean Girls and if you have watched Mean Girls and still are willing to live with plastic then I hope you in your lifetime receive a medal for gallant behavior as well.

Toh satark rahe, savdhaan rahe and ho sake toh shaadi se bohot door rahe, agar aise hain apke hone wale.


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