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Love Is 'Perfect Hero' Of Your Life Until You Don't Judge A Person By Its Looks

Date: 2018-09-10 17:52:43

By Mansha

A sunny day that can melt my skin but I have to do what I need to do, attend lectures and making my parents proud. Getting up this early is never easy for me and I am sure for anybody, 7 A.M. because of the distance that I have to cover between my home and college which is two hours to be exact.

The first year of college was fun and learned to socialize with new people but still my eyes, heart, and mind thinking about that one girl with blue eyes and long black hair with red ends in her hair. When for the first time I spoke to her, she seemed too cheerful but bit egoistic; after all, beauty has its own ego. Something about her struck me at the very first minute I saw her, I was stunned by her beauty and mesmerized by her beauty with minds.


Here is the twist in the love, which is, maybe only from my side, she hates me or pities me for my not so good looks. Still, I managed to be friends with some of her friends, so now we have something in common. We party or chill together because of same friends circle but hatred is there in between us, I can feel that negative vibes from her.


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First presentation of my second year and damn, she is the partner I got today which means I have to bear her for the whole presentation and I have tolerated her for almost a week now. Entered the hall but wait where is my partner without whom I can't step my foot inside that cabin, can she be on time ever. I can see her, in a black dress with a red scarf and make-up on point, how can someone be this beautiful with ugly and mean heart. She is coming close to me now; have to disappear this lust from my face...

She: Hey, I am late.

Yes, you are. Don't you want to apologize for that miss?

She: princess never gets late, its just people are early.

Uughhh, we should hurry or otherwise she will cut our punctuality marks.

I follows her.

Running behind her and thinking she can ever change and talk like a normal well-bred person?

She: you missed the fourth line of the second paragraph.

And you forgot the whole ending part, which I had to cover and I didn't, had a clue about that because that part was your, ms.

She: okay so now we are even. I have a lunch with my friends and by the way, they told me to ask you, want to hang along? If no, I am the happiest one then.

Nothing makes me happier than your sadness about me. So let's go. And I will drive you ms hop up in my car.

She: you really think, I will climb up to that bulldozer?

If you want to come most welcome or call your cab.


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She: uh, fine.

In that, 15 minutes of drive we spoke about how bad I stink and how Mr. Modi is beneficial for our country. That was the longest conversation we had till now. Maybe I felt that connection or it was just the infatuation, whatever it was, I wish for more drives like these with her and her egoistic nature which is hard to bear.

A week later...

Hey mom, this coffee is so delicious, hey my phone is ringing, and can you pass me that.

Yes, dear.

Why the hell she is calling me.

She: I know we don't get along but I am helpless and in big trouble.

Woohoo, wait. What's wrong, did you kill someone with your killer attitude?

She: don't joke about it because maybe I did.

What? Say that again and where the hell are you?

She: so near to your house and met with a mild accident with a biker.

Send me your location and would be there in ten minutes.

Fifteen minutes long drive from my place to a spot where she banged her car with a biker and I have to admit him to the hospital. For the very first time, I saw her slacken with a soft smile and looks have filled with gratitude.



Five days later:

She: Hey, how are you?

(Looked here and there) oh, are you talking to me?

She: look; I know I have treated you like a crack shell but thank you for looking after me that day.

I am glad that you are safe...

She: give me a chance to say sorry in my way.

Whatever you say. (Heart is dancing and mind is doubtful)

She: dinner tomorrow night? At my place, my roommate is traveling.

Will see you tomorrow.

She: 9 PM sharp.

Couldn't sleep all night yesterday thinking what would it be like to be with her all-alone in her place, maybe a starting of a new friendship. Right in front of her door, exactly at 9 pm, dressed in my lucky and a favorite black t-shirt with creamy pants.



Rang the bell. (Ting tong)

She: exactly on time, huh? You are punctual also, how have many qualities you have.

Did you just say the good things about me I am stunned and flattered?

She: (grinned) come on in.

You have a beautiful house. I loved the color coordination.

She: yeah, welcome to women apartment.

A soft grin, definitely, my room is a mess but rest of the house is clean like your women apartment. All thanks to my mother India.

She: so you live with a family, that's impressive. What would you like to have, wine or whiskey?

He: will settle on wine with you.

After 45 minutes of non-stop chatting and getting to know each other stuff...

Thank you for inviting me over on a dinner, loved every bit of it.


She: thank you once again for everything. And I would love to do this again. Maybe tomorrow at your choice of place?

He: are you giving me the hint of going on a date?

She: maybe... grin

He: will pick you up.

She: I know its fast but this seems perfect to me, will you give me a chance to date you?

He: you know what? I had a crush on you since forever.

She: (blushing) so, is it a yes?

Yes, if you will hug me.


Five years later:

At the beach side of Goa, he is in a sherwani and she is in her red bridal wear. They are taking vows promises have already been made. They are two halves of one hole.



It takes time to know the person from inside, we eventually judge a person from his outer beauty or appearance but what matters the most is inside beauty, which will never fade with time. Never get scared to love a person because it's the most beautiful feeling.

Love would come to you when your heart will feel perfect about it...

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