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According To Your Zodiac Sign, You Can Try Out This Drink Today!

Date: 2018-09-02 12:48:55

By Erica

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Ever wondered why you choose one particular drink when you hit the bar? Or maybe why you cannot find the right one? It's because you aren't choosing correctly. Every sun sign has a preferred drink. Shocking, no?

Are you curious to find out what is yours?

1. Aries

Aries can adapt to any situation. They are born that way. They stride into the room and then the party begins. Vodka is an Aries's choice of drink. Just like Aries, vodka goes well with anything; orange juice, mixed fruit juice, anything.


2. Gemini

Gemini are known to have split personalities. Often there is a war inside them, where one personality tries to escape and come into view. They are constantly torn between the inner choice. This makes tequila a perfect match for Gemini. Tequila is the drink that brings out the best side of you. Another thing you have in common is that you are capable of getting in trouble and not remembering any of it.


3. Leo

Leo, the one for the attention. Your preferred drink is wine. It reflects class and character- just the way you like it. But at times your go to alcohol is whiskey because just like you, it is bold and not preferred by everyone. Also, you like it neat. Just like the way you associate with selected groups only.


4. Sagittarius

You optimists are one for risks. Your free, open way of living life makes the other inspect their own dull days. Champagne is your pick! You are not one to hang with those who make you look bad and you have high standards. You associate with those who will elevate your status. The drink might be extra, but so are you.


5. Cancer

You might be popularly known for your emotional mood swings, but there is more to this crabby nature. You have layers to be uncovered when it comes to your personality. Your choice is Gin. Of course, you take time to step out of your shell and your preferences will evolve.


6. Scorpio

Rum is what you order without a look at the Bar menu. At first, you will feel the sweetness on your tongue and then the burn in your chest as it flows through you. Same as you in person. People don't see what they bring upon themselves when they befriend you until they are left hanging in a ditch the next day. Scorpio are known have a bold personality and they do not hold back from showing you where you stand.


7. Taurus

Taurus' rock a chill personality. What's more fit than a beer in this case? It goes perfectly well. It is cheap and straightforward. No complications and no hidden personalities.


8. Virgo

You are kind, hardworking and practical. It is not easy to please you. But, you also try hard not to be the center of attention and prefer working backstage where the actual action takes place. The perfect drink for you is a Pina Colada. It is a combination of 3 part pineapple juice, one part coconut cream and one part white rum. It is a sweet cocktail just like your personality.


9. Capricorn

Nothing better than a scotch for the sign who is determined and ambitious compared to all the others. Yes, you are weird at times. You are the quiet kind but once someone cracks all our doors open, you are such a sweetheart.


10. Libra

You are admired for your easy going nature. Everything is simple and steady with you. It is simple to such an extent that when you go out with friends or sit by yourself, you will be swirling Rum and Coke in your glass and sipping in delight.


11. Aquarius

You carefree. Nothing can hold you back from wanting to explore your hippie side. No chains, no shackles, you are born to explore. Feni is the alcohol you will want to down. Not only is it cheap but it is the most delicious when served to Aquarius.


12. Pisces

Pisces are up for anything. True that 'introvert' and 'Pisces' go together but aren't alcohol the remedy for almost everything? They wish to run away to the land by means of liquor. They are creative and sensitive. All the need is alcohol to get you in and maybe the entire world in a mood to partaaay! Just like you are a mix of many things, so is your choice of drink: Boilermaker. If you don't know what that is, let me enlighten you. A boilermaker can refer to two types of beer that consists of a glass of beer and a shot of whiskey. The beer can be mixed with the whiskey at times.


Drink up!

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