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Your Account Has Been Credited With ******, Every Employee Life Story

Date: 2018-11-27 10:50:23

By Manveen

Want to hear those magical words?


"Your account has been credited with..."

Who says when they hear "I love you" they experience all the joys of the world when you read the aforementioned words handcrafted especially for you in one sentence and sent to you with regards, that my friend is the real joy. It brings real joys to you. It makes for joys to be possible for you.



Just imagine you got up, went to your office had a long crap day, came back home with a crap mood and were criticizing even the curtains and their irrelevant motifs, your maa has been making tea for you all your life but today it tastes worse than those dreaded cough syrups and for dinner you have tinde but you still have not given up hope. You try to order something online but there are no discounts today, Zomato, UberEats, together acting as sons of guns and you cannot take it anymore. There it is your saturation point flooded with miserable emotions toppled with self doubts but before you can scream, there is a ping.


"Your account has been credited with..."


And such as a ray of sunshine amidst days of rain and thunder under the British sky, these words, almost your manna from heaven guide you out of your pain. You will post a self-motivating quote too today.

Zomato, Foodpanda, UberEats, can all go eff themselves up and their discounts. You are king again with loaded coffers, "Get ready Maa, we dining fine today"

And just like that, you went from zero to hero. Money, come to me, baby!


Have you noticed how lethargic we are after the calendar crosses 20? The payday is far and too much of the month still left and up till now you could not give enough heed to the calendar but suddenly this piece of paper is all that is standing between you and your beloved piece of papers.

Remember how as children we thought that money plant grows money, not literally but you know in the context of India and superstitions. Imagine everybody becoming a gardener, perhaps then Delhi would be breathable. So maybe global warming is not on us but god and nature because god you no grow money on trees whence we no grow trees. We work in offices, offices give money. All hail the concrete lifestyle!

Jokes apart, all of us love money and money coming to us is the best kind of money. That being said, to all the freelancers and unpaid interns, you have our condolence.


Hasta la vista!

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