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34 Serious But Not So Serious Problems Which We All Face Every Fucking Day

Date: 2018-08-14 09:44:06

By Mansha

Our life is none less than uncertainty, I mean who likes to get in even a small trouble every day, and as heard "Karma is a bitch".

Our life is already messed up and now these odd problems surprise us!! From finding your mobile for half an hour which you already holding it in your hand to giving illogical excuses to not working today, sometimes these small problems stand so tall in front of us that we wish if we could punch our problems right on the face but sorry for ourselves, that we can't!!

1. Putting your phone on charging but forget to switch on the plug.


2. Have to message someone but after typing, forget to press the send button.

3.You have to leave for the party within 5 minutes and you are still clueless about what you should wear.

4. Your chapatti is definitely in a shape but not round.


5. Everything was going amazing until she said: "I like you as a friend."

6. Your padosi wali aunty and why?? Because she is on a mission to get you married ASAP.

7. When you pick a call and they ask you "Beta mein kaun hu pehchana?"
To pehchaano.


8. Planned a week before for the dinner with friends but ending with no place because we forget to book the table.

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9. Uploaded photos on social media but ending with 10 like.

10. Purchased clothes without trying it and they do not fit you later.


11. Sitting to do office work but realizing I forgot to pay Wi-Fi bill.

12. When customer service people forget to call you back.

13. When you realize its Tuesday but you already had chicken and suddenly you become hell guilty.


14. And the guilt was not over until you reach home because your mother asks you, what did you had beta... ?

15. You have no idea what to speak from your chicken mouth.

Nothing maa... just had a coffee.

16. You have a crush on somebody and finding out later that they are already married. It hurts the most.


17. Realizing that you promised your mother to bring her stuff while coming back home from work or college but it slipped.

From your mind.

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18. You promised your niece/nephew/siblings to take her to their favorite games parlor but you have already made plans with your friends.


19. You promised your spouse for a Saturday date night but you have plans with your Netflix and amazon prime.

20. Realizing that you again forgot to wish a happy birthday to your college friend.

21. When you have to make illogical excuses to your gym instructor only because you are lazy.


22. When you forgot to tell your siblings that parents already knew that they came at 3 in the morning and they tell them that they were back by 12.

Dude they are already in trouble and now you are the part of it because you chose to lie for them.

23. When you accidentally abuse in front of your young siblings/niece/nephew.


24. When you are watching TV in your room and some adult scene is going on and suddenly your mother walks in. Oh, boy, you just want to die at that very moment.


25. When you are discussing some guy with your best friend on call but then suddenly your brother appears. Oh man, you are so dead now.

26. When you are almost ready in your gym clothes but then suddenly you get a call from your mind, oh shit, that time of a month. Time to go back.


27. When you realize that you forgot to keep your cash in your wallet while going out. You just want to kill yourself at that very moment.

28. When you feel confused between vodka and beer.

29. When you forget to change your foot wears while going out. By mistake, you are in your bathroom slippers.

30. When you have an appointment with your doctor but you forgot to bring the previous prescription along.


31. When you have plans for Saturday night but you forgot to inform your driver about the same.


32. When you are confused whether you have applied face wash while taking shower or not and then you end up applying again.


33. You get a panic attack when you can't find your phone in your pocket.


34. When you accidentally speak something about someone in front of them and later, realizing that they were their all that time.


Thank you problems!! Now I really wish you will never come again to us, at least not any time soon!!

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