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Expectations Every Girl Has From Her Boyfriend Which A Boy Is Clueless About It

Date: 2019-01-15 13:20:37

By Manveen

Have you watched that movie about a young dumb blonde called Clueless? Well, what we have to say is that perhaps there should also be a movie regarding how boyfriends also are clueless, not in a young dumb blonde way but more of a "know you buddy" this is what we mean and this is what we like and just understand it simply without digging for any layers.



Fairytale and fantasies are one thing which adds all the magic to life and we can never say no to it but we do not want to force you with it either, that totally is your choice but we do expect something that is a part of our lives and ourselves which go a long way acting as the foundation of our crux.


Support, how do you think walls stand so tall? Because every brick supports the other one and we never have or will ask you to blindly support us. If you are assuming that girls are anything such as Bollywood describes them then you need to switch to a drama of better genre.


Do you find random people dancing on the road where everybody is doing the same step in sync?

No right?


Good, then we can boldly establish that Bollywood is false and stupid. Coming back to our point, we do expect/want/need support. If you think what we are up to is wrong, just say so. Not in a public humiliation way (this is unacceptable) but you can tell this to your girl in private and it is okay if you do not understand what we are doing because chances are that your girl does not understand football either but watches it for you so you know, be a good man and support her.


Time is money and if you give her a fair share of it then you would not have much to worry about how long your relationship ill sail.Do not make a thing out of spend time, just find things that you both like doing and then you just simply are doing them.Put effort but do not make it a point to make yourself look like you have to put effort.


You think when you write our name with rose petals and make collages for us and we genuinely love it? Buddy, Ferns & Petals and their aesthetics and their kinds of gifts are so outdated that your grandmother probably looks much cooler in comparison.


Want to surprise her?

Order in her favourite dinner without asking her and with Zomato and Uber eats, ordering food is not even a task at all.Use technology to your own good.


Remember why Peter Kevinsky was cute? He got Yakult for Lara Jean. You need not be Chuck Bass and travel to different time zones to get us gifts, just be Kevinski. Watch "To all the Boys I have loved before" and take notes, if we could write a letter to somebody it would be the makers of it, at least somebody got a clue about what girls expect and want.

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