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A Story Of An Extramarital Affair That Ended With The Perfect Ending.

Date: 2019-06-29 16:59:11

By Mansha


We all must have listened to these beautiful stories, but today we will be reading about the perfect ending, instead.

Everybody loves the feeling of being in love, living with a companion and imagining a life together, but sometimes life doesn’t go as per our plans because God has something else planned for us. My story has no happy ending with a girl by my side or anything but I have a story where I had to leave my wife because she cheated on me.


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It all started after sixteen years of our marriage. I tried to be a perfect husband and a loving father, tried to give everything that my wife asked from me, be it my time, love or materialistic things but still, it was not enough for her. We were married at a very early age, she was just 18 years old and I was twenty-one. We have two beautiful kids, whom we adore as parents, a son who is fourteen years old and a daughter who is seven years old, still a baby.

Everything was going perfect as I wanted until a day when my son came to me and said, "dad, are you going somewhere with mom" and I had no clue to which I replied, "no, I will be at the office in the night". He looked confused, but still, he said, "but mom was speaking to you over the phone this morning and making plans for dinner with you". I was blank, I thought he must have heard something wrong, but he informed me about her dinner plans at a particular place and I decided to go there and see if she is going with someone else because it felt something weird as she never hides her outings from me even if she goes with her friends. So, my consciousness was not ready to let this go and I landed up going there and what I saw broke my heart.


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She was at a candlelight dinner with a guy, but still, I thought maybe she is catching with her old friend. I was not ready to accept the fact that my wife can do this to me. I decided to stay there hiding far away from them and I was seeing their every move. Soon, that guy held her hand and kissed her on her cheeks, slowly things went out of control, their closeness was evident about the fact that this is not what I am thinking. I clicked some pictures and when she came back home, I showed those to her. Her face got pale as if she has been caught after a major crime, she didn’t say a word except, "WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS". She has no guilt or she didn’t deny all of those pictures and allegations, but she managed to confess it by saying, "I am not happy in this marriage".


I fought for her love, for almost a month I tried to win her love and trust back, but nothing worked out, as all she wanted was independence. I had no choice but to leave her, not for her, but for me and my kids.


There is no happy ending, but a perfect ending to my story because I had given everything in that relationship and I had done everything to win it back but it was not meant to be. To live a peaceful and lonely life is better than living in a relationship where there is no love, respect, and attraction.


This was my kind of perfect ending and I am happy for the fact that my kids did not leave my side.


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