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These Facts About Your Fraandship With Your BFF's Proves That 'Pakki Hai Yaari Yeh'

Date: 2018-08-24 00:44:10

By Abhishek


Best Friend is someone with whom we can share our emotions, our laugh, our time, basically the full us. You can go through ups and downs with them, tell them you're top secrets and even share your embarrassing memories. In an all, they know you from In and Out.

The main rule which the best friends follow is, you don't have to behave like a normal person, and you don't have to show your fake oh-so-etiquette mode. More the junglii you are, deeper your friendship is because making friends is easy but maintaining that friendship is tough.

So we got you some honest and quirky facts about best fraaands..

1. When your Best friends say they are reaching in 5 minutes and they actually reach in 5 minutes "To samajh jaao they are not your best friends".


2. When you tell your friends about your secret crush, always keep this in mind, from that very moment it is no longer a secret.

The world will know it in a few minutes.


3. The strong the Gaali is, the strong is your Dosti.


4. If your Best Friend has given you a pen drive with loads of new Bollywood movies in it (saying bhoot achi movies hai yar), trust me it's a porn world in that tiny chip.


5. At least once in a month, your friend calls you up at 3 AM just to see whether you are sleeping or not.


6. And especially when you have your girlfriend. They will call you hundreds of time in between your talk with your girl just to have fun by disturbing you.


7. Your friend's acts like a Tulsi Virani of "Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" in front of your parents, no matter how kameene they are.


8. Sometimes you feel your day is incomplete until you hear a Gaali from your Best Friends.


9. At least once, they have convinced you to eat non veg on Tuesday.

Dharam Bhrasht Kar Diya.


10. No matter how much money you have lent to your best friend, but for them, it was your token of love which will never be going to come back to you.


11. If you are in a restaurant and you said "Nahi Mujhe Bhook Nahi Hai, Tu Apne Liye Mangwale", still your friends will order your food because they know you from in and out, bhukkad(No, it's not me, it's your best friends who calls you by this word).


12. No matter what, your Best Friends will never talk to you with respect and that proves they are your besties.


Best Friend Double Check!!
Life is incomplete without you, Kemeene!!

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