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I Would Be Happiest When I Will See You With A Man Who Loves You More Than Me & Will Take Care Of You - Your Dad!

Date: 2018-09-23 12:27:51

By Mansha

Daughters are father's favorite and most loving person in the family without them their family seems incomplete to every father. It's like the lights of the family are on till the daughter is happy and cheerful inside. There is a say that, daughters are chirping birds until they are chirping, the house is lively and when they leave, the house loses the part of it. Daughters are not only the father's heart but also mother's best friend and supporter. They are one that thread, which keeps the family members, tied to each other. In this letter, I will write such things which every father wants to say to her daughter but he can't because we know they are not that expressive.

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My darling daughter, my heart,

For the very first time when I saw the nurse coming out of the operation theatre with you in her arms, that was the first time I cried and that too happy tears and when I held you for the very first time in my arms and you snuggled into my arms like a soft blanket, that time I had realized that I love you more than anything, more than words can describe. On that day I promised to myself that I will give you everything which you will ask for without a second thought and the second after that I started thinking about your wedding (and you were only a hour old), that time I cried realizing one day I will have to give you to someone else.


Though that thought was last only a minute but that very moment I promised one thing more to that and myself was to be your first love and a best friend. I will do everything possible to give you the best life. Soon there was a day when we bought you home from the hospital, that day I felt something very different as if God has come himself in this house.


You used to brush away all the tiredness from the long day at work, stress used to be my last priority and your one cry used to break my heart into several pieces. Months, years were just flown by in its highest speed and you were already a teenager, I tried my level best to not let you feel that we are stopping you for doing something which you want to do but I used to get scared of the world, I didn't stop you because I want you to do what I say I stopped you because I was selfish, fear of losing you and something bad can happen to you feeling forced me to stop you from going out and facing the world but you still hadn't blamed me or fought with me, you obeyed my rules and loved me unconditionally even though I knew I was wrong to discriminate and that guilt left me with more love for you.


Till your school days got over, I tried to protect you from every storm but I knew once you will keep your foot out in the world I have to take my own foot behind, I have to let you to take your own decisions and have to teach you to handle all the obstacles which might come your way, some of them would break you and some of them would make you even stronger than before. Soon, that day was also there at the corner, I saw you walking out towards the world and while motivating and inspiring you to make me proud, somewhere I got shattered myself seeing my girl has become a beautiful lady inside and out. You made me proud by your studies and work; I am proud of you my girl and will motivate you to work further and run towards your dreams. But remember one thing, you are and you will always be my baby first and then a grown and wiser lady.


However my job doesn't end here by making you independent and a beautiful lady inside and out. I would be happiest when I will see you with a man who will love you more than me and will take care of you, as I have never been. I am not saying I am not happy right now, I am very proud of you and happy to see you this much successful and independent but like every father, my main motive is to see you settled in your life with your own family of love, care, and understanding. That day I would cry my heart out but will learn to live my life with your happiness.

Much love,
Your father (in your words, your first love).

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