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FB Pe 'Work At Student' Aur 'I Am Daddy's Princess' Likhne Waalo.

Date: 2021-03-15 09:54:55

By Manveen

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"Why should I work? I am a princess".
We understand your plight and will put it down in a much more simple way "Why should I work? I am daddy's princess."

See, first of all, a princess you may be but you need to be educated, okay?
Second, princess of what? Last we remember from Indian royalty is just namesake whiff of the last breath left so where are you from?

Perhaps, of some unfortunate kingdom which we do not know about.


The next in the queue:
"Works at student",

To be honest, If you were a good student you would know that you cannot "work" at a student, you go to school and study and that is how you are a student.

Listen friend, who have friends such as this, education is very important, okay?
Very, very.

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If you could afford Facebook or a data plan then we think it is safe to assume that you can afford education, any kind of school but you do have access to knowledge then why must you choose to be royalty instead?


We get it that it is fascinating and all, all the stories of prince and princess but mate you just are Princess Shreya of 7E who sits next to Angel Neha in the class and even the Hindu mythology could never assemble gods and kings and fellow mates in one class so how did you manage to do it?

There is a fine line between confident and delusional but our question is if you could become a "CEO" at Facebook/Audi/BMW/Twitter, etc just by signing in to Facebook well then we think you deserve it. To hell with education, career, years of struggle, Khoon-paseena but you Killer Boy Raju just made an account on Facebook and automatically reached such heights in life. In our opinion, somebody should contact Audi and let them know. This guy deserves it. I mean you have a Facebook account too but kya ukhaad liya tumne?


Bas 25 photos upload hi kiye na "masti wid frnz", album mein iss bande ko dekho yeh CEO bangaya.

Did this ever happen to you that you said something and it happened in the next second and your parents told you ki "zaban pe saraswati bethi hui thi", yes that's it! When these people signed in to Facebook Saraswati maa was sitting next to him, unke bhakt ne chaha CEO bana and Devi maa ne kaha "sure vats, no problem, tathastu."

But child as again confidence is sexy, delusion is fuddu and you gotta pick one for yourself. Go to school, study hard and if you think your friends are really your true friends and ask them to gift you a Wren & Martin. You need it.


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