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Bharat Mata Ki Jai', True, Totally True! But Then Why Anti-feminism In India?

Date: 2019-03-09 14:02:37

By TabloidXO Writers

"It is nearing midnight, the sky is dark with no moon and fickle fading stars. HIS HER hurried footsteps echo in the narrow lonesome street."

When you read these lines, you automatically assume something very bad is just about to happen. Change the pronoun 'her' to 'him', and you will automatically notice the decrease in the brooding dark intensity of the above line. Inequality is real.


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The Thomson Reuters Foundation released a survey of global experts that concluded that India is the world's most dangerous country for women.

Feminism is no more a social issue, but a political one. Political leaders bring it up from time to time, glorifying the changes which have been made in contrast to the past. But the truth is, by dwelling in the past they can't bring radical changes in the present to ensure equality. It is troubling that, in their eagerness to debunk the report and deviate from its bitter truth, some are making the argument that India's is actually some sort of leader when it comes to parameters such as women's health and safety.


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Sure, a women's compartment is a brilliant way to make women feel secure from creeps who linger in the metros and it has resulted in a reduction of harassment cases in metros. Yes, the #metoo movement which started in the US and has taken over the Indian social media platform as highlighted some cases of harassment, assault, and rape which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. But why not try and erode the problems from the roots itself?


I was surfing through social media, when I came across a post, saying 'Imagine if men had a curfew that they couldn't be out after nine at night'. The post of full of replies of women, some who were astonished at how relatively safe they would feel and some who were marveling over how liberated they would feel. Inequality is a dire issue. And the government, who uses it as a garland of extravagance whenever they need to draw vote banks, ought to take some responsibility regarding it. Let's rephrase that 'The Nation wants to know' into 'The Nation wants to change'.



The stark lack of representation of women in positions of power is one of the reasons as to why women safety always gets sidelined. Change won't come in day and that is expected. But with laws, one can give center to the regulation.

Some measures which the government ought to take are:

1. Stricter punishment and investigation into any form of harassment, assault and rape,

2. Better helplines with an improved police navigation system,

3. Active discouraging of victim blaming, sex education in schools (the silence around the subject only worsens the case; for example, if women are not conditioned to be hush and ashamed of their basic body necessity like their undergarments or pads or tampons then it will lead to a more open society where the objectification of women as a mystery will gradually change the mindset and lead to a decrease in the number of assaults),

4. Cooperative and easily accessible complaint registration system and, reinforcement of law's punishments.


The goal of the government shouldn't be segregation of genders in order to prevent crimes but a co-existent world where women don't 'need to be constantly alert'.

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