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This Is How Your Friends Pull Your Leg After Your First Night Of Your Marriage

Date: 2018-09-06 18:08:36

By Mansha

Getting married is a one-time experience; it's the most sacred union of two souls. Being married is one of the most special feelings, living with that person with whom you are madly in love is that feeling which can't be expressed. And every couple is more excited for their first night than the whole marriage thing. But we all know friends are those retards in our lives that can make us hell uncomfortable about the same thing.

Things you will relate to if you too experienced that awkwardness:

Stupid smile:

The smile, which they gave you when they first see you after, you entered the crowd the first time after your marriage.


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That wink:

The wink, which they gave you with a stupid smile, making it clear to you what they want to ask you and hear from you.


"How was it" look:

And then they give a look of "how was it" with a shrug that turns your face into pink.


Whispering non-sense into your ear:

When meeting you for the very first time after marriage in front of everybody, they blurt out the nonsense into your ears that make you embarrass and a stupid smile comes into your face also.


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Poking you in front of anybody and everybody:

Poking you from the behind, front or from anywhere in front of anybody and again ask you the same question that forces you to slap them in the return and say, "you just shut up".


Try to be humorous in full crowd:

Try to bring up the conversation in front of your family too by trying to be humorous and making double meaning jokes that give you shiver and you try to shut them up by making faces or getting disappear from there.


"Tell me everything in detail" look:

Trust me this look is scary and funny at the same time. No matter with whom and where you are standing, their eyes would be on you both and whenever they get chance to meet their eyes with you, they give you this "I want every detail look" that just annoy you as hell.



Finally, in the end, telling you "call me" in your ear:

Finally, meeting or hugging them before leaving for good with your spouse, they whisper, "call me" which is enough to understand that why they want you to call them.


These embarrassing and funny moments are hard to face it but then it's the most memorable and fun day of your lives. As marriage is incomplete without them as this is also incomplete without them. Friends make every moment of your life special and their way of making you feel special is unique where you feel special along with awkward. That's the magic of our idiot friends.

What is the point of this all when no one is there to pull your leg because believe it or not, everyone wants this kind of healthy teasing.


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