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Say Thank You To Your Friend This Friendship Day Because

Date: 2018-08-05 12:05:33

By Abhishek

We can't imagine our life without our friends, do we?? Like our parents, they are our support system, whenever we need suggestions, help, and sharing sadness/happiness they had have been always there for us. This friendship day let's make it special!! Let us make our lovely friends feel this special day, I think thanking them for all the rainbow colors which they have throng on us would be a good idea!

So here we got you some Thank You reasons which will make their white teeth appear all day long.

1. First of all, Thank you for getting into my life and making my messed up life to a beautiful place.

2. Thank you for buying me patty from the school canteen.

3. Thank you for giving me the best birthday gift ever!! ya, I am talking about that gift in which you gave Dabbe ke andar dabba and another dabba with full of popcorns.


4. Thank you to stop me for not texting my EX when I was drunk.

5. Thank you for shutting those assho*** who said bad things about me.

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6. Thank you for taking me to the bar when I had my break up.


7. And thank you again for letting me use your shirt to clean my nose and my teary eyes.

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8. Thank you to give me your car when I said those magical words "Aj gaadi tera bhai chalaega".

9. Thank you for helping me to convince my parents for the Goa trip which we planned.


10. Thank you for teaching me that subject in which I got failed.

11. Thank you for being my brother/sister from another mother.

12. Thank you for not talking to that person because I didn't like him/her.


13. Thank you to allow me to take your food whenever I was hungry.


14. Thank you for not asking me to give back your money which you lend me.

15. Special thank you for not sending me candy crush request.


16. Thank you?? Or not I don't know!! Because of updating bullshit status on my Facebook wall when I accidentally forgot to sign off.

17. Thank you for not beating me when I used to tease my bhabhi ji aka your girlfriend.

18. Thank you for making my assignments and letting me sleep the entire night.


19. Thank you for picking my phone at 3 AM and giving me the answer to my question "Yar Dangal mein dono ladkiyo ka naam kya tha?"

20. Thank you for giving me *THAT* hard drive, you know what I mean.

21. And thank you for continuing the chat because "Nend to kharab ho hi gayi hogi".


22. Thank you for saving my ass by telling my mom I am in loo because I told my mom I was at your house but actually I was with my girlfriend.

23. Thank you for proving this phrase wrong "ladkiyo ke paet mein kuch nai bachta" because you didn't puked out our secret.

24. Thank you for helping me to find yourself a cool bhabhi.


25. Thank you for paying my bills when I was broke.


26. Thank you for replying back N times more offensive because at that time I deserved it.

27. Thank you for getting Rajma Chawal made specially by your mom. Actually, Thank You Aunty!!


28. Thank you for guiding me from the path where I was totally lost.


29. Thank you for standing beside me and believing me when my parents doubted.

30. Thank you for controlling your laugh when I was dancing like a lunatic.


31. Thank You for everything!!

So, let's just start thanking them!! And Happy Friendship Day Everyone!!

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