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10 Reasons Your Boss Can Never Be Your Best Friend, 'Ha To Banana Kisko Hai'

Date: 2019-04-10 11:06:36

By Mansha

It's like asking can I have Noodles with Dal Makhani. Right, people? It is the only relationship in the whole wide world where there is no scope of reconciliation once there has been a scratch, a scratch of scolding or anything.

Being a best friend to your boss is everyone's dream and most of the times it remains the dream for the rest of our lives because of their egoistic, mean and insensitive nature. They believe in getting their work done by hook or crook irrespective of what we (employees) want.

Reasons you can never be the best of a friend with your boss:

He has too many expectations:

He expects you to be punctual all the time. No matter if you are ill, met with an accident or hit by the rock, he wants you to be there when he wants you to be.


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You keep bragging about your ill wife, kids or dog. He won't listen to a word because of all he cares about performance and profits. But he would be all smiles when he would be in need of leave and will put all the work on your shoulders as a typical insensitive boss.



Say it or not, you feel jealous by your boss because of his flexible timings of everything and it makes you feel killing him for his comfortable work life.


They have authority:

Their authority makes you angry when they say, "you can't take a day off", "I want you to submit the work by 7 today" or "one leave means deducting money from your salary".


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Egoistic nature:

Your "good morning" and "good afternoon" wishes would be as their right and not because you really want to wish them. Their reply would be in egoistic sounds, "thank you". Not even a "same to you" would come.


He is mean:

If you will be polite to them, they will assume you must be having a demand to put in front of him because he always thinks of a professional relationship.


He won't be there for your special occasions:

When the whole office would be cutting your birthday cake, he will be in his office smiling from the far and saying, "get back work when your little bit of celebration will get over".



Won't understand your feelings:

He can't understand your hidden feelings, which might bother you and affect your work. Instead, he will blame you for lack of performance.


You can't share your secrets:

The way you share your feelings with your friends, you can never share with your boss because of their lack of interest in your life. So, maintain the distance.


He plays the blaming game:

He blames you and your colleagues for all the bad things happen around his office. He never takes the in-charge for it.


Well, the boss will be boss because they can never be a true friends and even true enemies with them, they maintain the boundaries of relationships by just being professional.


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