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Heres Why Indian TV Serials Are So Funny & Sometimes Irritating Too, Now Don't React 'Kya Kya Kya'

Date: 2018-10-05 14:34:11

By Mansha

Hindi TV industry is spread over all around the world and people do love it because of its masala, exaggerating problems and intense dramas. But our generation is no more a part of Hindi TV industry; they find it irrational, funny, irritating and non-sense. Am I right genY? I am not writing this to offend anybody so please take it as an entertainment package. Read and have a good laugh and then tell me if I am wrong?


They are always well dressed and groomed all the time even at the time of sleeping and getting up. Have you seen those, heavy pieces of jewelry on ladies? First of all, tell me from where they get this much money to buy jewelry and then not repeating the one jewelry again. Then coming to their heavy clothes, we wear that kind of clothes in the weddings of our families and then they show their cupboards with only five to six outfits hanging, "Bhai ho kya raha hai"? This is still normal for TV industry, now don't forget the drama, remember that echo "kya, kya, kya", yes no one can forget that because we all have grown up with that music in our houses. It's hard to understand, why to make that echo three times if work can be done by just saying one word, example, he is dead and reaction would have been simple just "kya" but no reaction would be like "kya, kya, kya", we understood when first time you declared it.



Also for them falling in love and getting divorced is pretty simple. First, they fell in love and got married (samajh aata hai) but then they decided to get divorced because wife didn't tell him that she didn't want a kid (toh chalo divorce kar lete hai), simple solutions could have been, sit and talk about it but they found divorce much simpler than that. Wait story didn't stop here while signing the papers they will get emotional and sign the papers in their ego but after getting divorced they will realize that they still love each other and then they will marry again. (Mazak samjha hua hai kya).


For them plastic surgery is like buying vegetables from the market, they will get their faces to change because they want to take revenge from somebody and then they will come back live in the same house but still no one gets to know that he is the same person (how can you allow a stranger to live in your house) then he will do things to harm them but still they are stupid enough not realizing it that he is the one new so it might be him. (aas pass nazar mar lo, dushman saamne hi hai). Then he will die by jumping off from the cliff, his last riots would happen but then (suspense suspense suspense) he is back and very much alive without any bruises on his face or body, much fitter than before. (bhai ho kya raha hai).


Have you ever seen a snake? I have and when the first time I saw it I got scared like hell but in serials, humans only convert into a snake (matlab kuch bhi) two snakes fighting with each other and that too wrestling (what is happening). Not to forget the diseases, brain tumor, cancer, amnesia is like "ho jayega theek", they will sit in the mandir and do puja for hours and boom reports are good now (I wish itna simple hota) But we all do love Hindi TV serials for its entertainment and logic. So thank you for entertaining us for decades now.


Aansuu Agaye Na??


What do you think? Do you love these kinds of serials or you too feel irritated? Let us know by commenting down...

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