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As A Bhai Dooj Gift For Brother, Gift Him Some Special Promises From Your Side.

Date: 2018-11-09 12:22:37

By Mansha

Bhai Dooj is a very popular Hindu festival where sisters put Tikka on their brother's forehead and pray for their well-being. Bhai Dooj represents the bonding between the siblings. There are different names to this festival in many states if India, namely; Bhai Dooj, Bhaubeej, Bhai Tika, Bhai Phonta. The celebration of Bhai Dooj is similar to the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, which also celebrates the bonding between siblings. After sisters put Tikka on their brother's forehead, Brothers in return present their sisters with Bhai Dooj gifts and sometimes sisters too gift their brother on Bhai Dooj day. On every "Bhai Dooj" or "Raksha Bandhan" brothers promise their sisters to take care of them, but on this "Bhai Dooj", lets sisters do some promises to every brother because you all mean a world to your sisters; you are our strength, bodyguard, support system, problem solver and pampering king...

I promise to pray for your long life and success till the deaths do us apart.


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I promise to build a sisterly bond with your wife because I know we both are your darlings and it's hard for you to choose one.

I promise that your place in my life would be fixed and no other man can take that place because you are and were the same person who held me first when I fell or who had given me the strength to fight from all the storms and taught me to fall and rise.


I promise to keep your secrets safe with me because something should be between a brother and a sister.

I promise to teach you everything about girls and would help you to get any girl you would want in your life.


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I promise to celebrate in your success and cry with you at the time of sorrows because together we rise and together we fall.

I promise to keep you as my first priority at the times when you would need me the most because blood is blood and family is way too important.


I promise to always defend you in front of the world even though you were wrong but in private I will kick your ass because of your stupidity.

I promise to always hide your mistakes in front of our parents because "you are my best friend yaa".


I promise to value your advice because even though in front of you I say "you are useless" but deep inside I know I can't even move a step forward without your advice.


I promise to encourage you for your dreams even when the world is against it because I believe in you and I trust your dreams.


I promise to come running to you even at the middle of the night if you would be in any trouble and you can trust me on anything.

I promise to love you my entire life brother...


Thank you for always loving me unconditionally and pampering me like a baby. You mean the world to me bhai...


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