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Why I Showed The Door To My Boyfriend After Four Years Of Dating

Date: 2019-01-22 18:19:37

By Mansha

For me, love was when I felt complete after having him. Everything was so dreamy and straight out from the world of fantasy. I met him during our graduation days; he was a man with politeness, great charisma, and good looks. Like every other girl, I fell for all of these qualities and the only mistake I did was I never tried to know about his priorities and my value in his life. I never paid attention to his behavior towards other people because I got so engrossed in looking his outer beauty and appearance that I forgot about his inner soul which he is carrying.


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First two years were exact like honeymoon phase, we were enjoying each other's company and dates were so romantic and zestful but when we got over with our college and real-world confined us into its busy hours where we both were working hard to achieve our goals, we started meeting less which I completely understood because he was working and so do I but slowly he started making fewer calls and even didn't even care to tell or inform about his after office schedules. Other people used to come and tell me that they saw him in this place and why wasn't I there with him?


For almost a year I decided to ignore these things, thinking that it is a phase where he has lots of things going on in his life and maybe he needs some time to bring his life on the right track but one day, when we were having dinner I normally asked him about his work, his family and if he is hiding something from me because lately, he was behaving very odd and out of his normal nature.


He started inculpated me that I don't let him focus on his work, I keep calling him during his work and I keep indulging myself too much on his personal matters. Again, I was a fool and I apologized thinking that he is too stressed about work. I had done everything to make him feel light for around six months, I made handmade gifts for him so that he could feel that love which I have for him but he never said "thank you" or "love you" for that matter as if I was invisible to him.


I started feeling less loved and more into depression because in which I invested the whole of myself, I am getting nothing in return except regret and being criticized for caring too much about him.

It took lots of courage and tears to end a relationship, which I thought, would last till the sun rises from west and sets in the east which means forever but forever was never for him. He walked out without fighting back for forgiveness or try winning me back. I felt as if he was waiting for me to say him "good-bye" for life. He didn't shed a single tear; he never gave me a good farewell as if I was a burden to him.


I don't regret wasting my four years for a person who just used me to pass his time in college but I feel lucky to come out of it at the right time or else I could lose myself as a person.

Thank you for teaching me the best lesson about love that outer appearance is a myth, real love is when one person opens his or her heart to you and get naked by giving you his or her soul.

A person who knows love is not easy...

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