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7 Things Girls Will Relate To When They Do Not Want To Put Makeup But...

Date: 2019-03-12 11:56:54

By Mansha

They say makeup is every girl's best friend. Yes, it is and there is no doubt about it, but at times we need some distance from it to breathe in fresh air. Like every person craves for some alone time, in the same manner, girls too wish for some alone time, away from makeup because it demands time, energy and art. But sometimes when we wish to be away from it, we can't because of the other commitments and that time, you feel tied up in the unwanted relationship.


Things that come in every woman's mind when she has to put makeup, even though she doesn't want to...

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"What all we have to do for society":

Even though we are least interested in putting makeup, but to stand in the crowd and to look alive we have to do put it. Why can't the society show little bit mercy on us?


"Why can't I miss the event":

Even though at times we really want to go for the event, but putting makeup makes us lazy and just for that reason, we try to avoid going for the event. There should be an event called, "no makeup allowed". Trust me, half of the ladies would feel relaxed and the other half would feel shy to show their actual face.


"Blending is making me feel tired":

When we are in no mood to blend the foundation on our face, it seems like a hard task where our hands are tired of rubbing the sponge on our face.


"Why I am being this disrespectful to my makeup":

We love our makeup, but at times when we want some time to breathe, every bit of the procedure seems like real torture. We neglect them and put them on our face just for the sake of it, but trust me, later we do feel bad about being rude to them.


"Already, I can't wait to remove it":

When our mood is to relax in our pajamas and without makeup, but still we have to get ready and look our best, we wish to come back early and to remove all of those makeup from our face.


"Eyeliner seems like a war":

Putting perfect eyeliner is every girl's dream, but when your mood is already so low, then putting eyeliner seems like a war where you have to win it for your people.


"When all is over, the process of removing it is also seems like a war":

If you think that removing is the best process, then you are wrong boss because it too has a whole process and when you are in the mood of it but to sleep then it seems like another level of torture.


Without makeup, we girls are incomplete and no matter if we are in the mood or not, we can't do without our valuable makeup sets. So, girls its time to say thank you to your makeup boxes for being there even though you neglected and ignored them at times.

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