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Meet Guneet Monga - The Wonder Women, Who Co-produced 'Period. End Of Sentence'.

Date: 2019-02-25 23:54:08

By Manveen

Period: End of Menstruation is an Indian film that highlights the attitude and image of menstruation in rural India, which won the Oscar at 91st Academy awards. This brilliant piece of direction is done by Rayka Zehtabchi, a director of Iranian and American origin and this movie is Co-produced by Guneet Monga's, Sikhya Entertainment.


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Guneet, born on 21 November1983 in New Delhi. At a young age, she witnessed domestic violence within her home. Her parents died within six months of each other. She has seen life with lots of ups and downs. In 2008, she founded the company, Sikhya Entertainment.


The movie begins with a simple question asked to two teenage girls, "Do you know what periods are?", then to women of a much mature age, boys of the neighborhood, women of age and men alike, all of them had the same answer that they do not know as they giggled away.

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The ignorance towards menstruation was so much so that when an aged woman was asked if they knew why they bleed every month they were clueless and thought it was some dirty impure blood that was being bled out by the body.


The original Padman, Arunachalam Muruganantham is also featured explaining the rural women how the pads are made and women learn and are employed under him. These women start making pad with his pad machine and go door to door in different villages selling pads and making other women aware of menstruation hygiene later in the film.


This twenty five minute short movie is shot with the true element of India with a clear direction of rural India without any extra drama that would overpower the message of the movie.

Guneet Monga has made herself a mark with the offbeat and independent cinema of India. Her fruits of labour finally yielded something this year as her foreign production Period. End of Sentence earned the best praise for short documentaries; she acted as the executive producer of the film.

Guneet addresses in her speech, her director, the entire team and also Netflix for making Period. End of sentence happen as celebrities such as Neha Dhupia, Shabana Azmi, Dia Mirza and other took to Twitter to congratulate the winners.


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