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This Guy Thought The Water Hose In The Toilet Is For 'Drinking' & Things Get Nasty Here

Date: 2018-07-18 17:55:37

By TabloidXO Writers


IF YOU DO NOT KNOW, Most people in foreign countries clean their literally the real ass shit from toilet napkins. Now, we should feel happy because we do not clean our dirty business with toilet napkins, however, we clean it through the jet spray or some people know it by water bidet.

I mean how could someone wipe out the sticky poop through a paper??
Thank God, we Indians do not use toilet napkins!!

Well, this guy was completely clueless about the jet spray which was hanging in the bathroom. We don't know whether he was really joking or he was seriously serious but our lovely Twitter audience schooled him about his tweet.


Now, who is the brave guy who will teach him??

Some serious talks, I think??... NOO!!

We can hear the laughs!!

Another piece of advice, I hope no one takes it seriously!

Actually we all are!!

And we Indians got the answer for the existance of toilet paper in bathrooms.

After all the jokes, there were people who came for the guidance and told him about actual usage of a hand bidet or jet spray.

We too are clueless whether he is joking or is he really so innocent but one thing is very clear, we had a great time.

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