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Dear Gym Lovers, Stop Flaunting Your Abs & Muscles In Front Of Me, 'Dost Ko Dard Hota Hai Yar'

Date: 2019-03-11 10:42:26

By Manveen

Gym is my love, gym is my life.
First of all, "Ghanta".
Second, now we will begin with the topic.

"Toh Bacho kya aapke dost hai gym freaks, but aapne kar diya hai apni body ko humesha humesha ke liye booked for your one true love, mutton steak?"


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We think going to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet is quite a good change in life. People should move to a lifestyle better than procrastination and cribbing about Friday and Monday. Take it from our personal experience exercising and gyming does keep you fit not just physically, but mentally as well, for the following reasons:

a.) You will dedicate an hour or so of your day exercising and keeping your head away from procrastination and if you know you will be exercising you will also try to finish your work beforehand.

b.) You will blow off steam. The kind of spirit "Zinda" song from "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" gives you, you know, to run relays, conquer the world, scream "Fateh" on the moon next to Neil Armstrong, bilkul waise hi. #HashTagDopeFeelings.

c.) You can gym and transform your body hot, life better, but mar fir bhi jayogey so stop making the gym a religion, okay?

The gym is not going to save you a place in the afterlife.


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If fitness is a choice, so is laziness and one thing that we wonder is if you are as fit and positive with your gym life, then you can simply feel better about it being all hot shot so why do you go on making others also do the same?


Just think about it, you did gyming and all for a couple of years, built abs, shredded your calves and women are screaming your name like you are John Abraham from Dostana but you told the Pappu in your class to do the same and posted so many stories of motivation and glory on Instagram and Pappu ab hogaya impressed. He made you your role model, he worked out, built abs and shredding and leg game strong AF, hogayi uski toh ab agar usne teri bandi pata li toh?



Fir Kya Karega?
Kar diya na gym ne, lol.


Pappu was happy binge-watching and ordering from the Uber Eats, lunch @89 but you told him to eat protein and grass, but samay ka khel dekh vats now he is eating your ass.


If the gym could help you conquer the world, then Delhi would not be this unemployed. The gym is a part of your life, not your life unless you are a protein ka dabba, if you are one, then stay true to your nature and act like a dabba,

And boriya bistar gym mein lagalo fir. Humein kya hai?


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