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16 Hairstyles For Girls That Will Make Heads Turn To You

Date: 2019-03-05 10:26:22

By Erica

Dear Ladies,
I've got a list of hairstyles that you have to try. These hairstyles, whichever suits your hair type will surely make heads turn when you walk inside a room. Since some of the names of these hairstyles make them too hard to give it a shot, I've added my spin to it. So, next time you suggest a hairstyle to someone and they correct you, just say, "oh! That's what you call it? Well, the professionals call it this" and shrug like you don't have enough time to care.

There is a perk to this, I'll tell you what it is at the end.

1. The blunt bob.

A blunt cut hairstyle is cutted straight across with scissors. This hairstyle is great and it creates a good shape of your hair. This haircuts will make you a walking art piece.



2. Long short

When you want some change and want to refresh your style, go for short haircut, it's good to change your hairstyle and why not short hair if that will flatter your face.


3. Feather-cut.

Feathered haircut is a variation of a layered cut. Feathered haircut is created with a razor to make it fine.


4. Going for a perm!

If a girl-next-door look is what you're going for, this is a haircut you need to try. Thank me later.


5. Anushka Sharma's surprise

Boy cut style is the new in of 21 century, they are popular amongst women who prefer short, low maintenance hair.


6. Fancy Pony.

The ponytail was, is and will always be the safe go to option for all us girls. You can make your own custom designed Ponytail, and the interesting story is, you would never ever go out of style.


7. Step cut.


8. Side bangs.

Side bangs hairstyles are making a comeback for 2019, be the new you today.


9. Chic bob with fringes.

The hottest hair trend since many years. We love bobs!


10. The knot on the head.

The knot on the head is a everyday go-to style for every hair type, whether curly or straight hair.


11. Undercut hairstyle.

These are the modern undercut haircut for women, I think the idea came from men hair styling because, usually men does this style alot.


12. That everyday pony.


13. Side bun.

Going for a wedding? Side bun hairstyle is getting prominent in marraiges. You will see lot of ladies with side bun during wedding season.

It looks complicated, but it's not like that. This look is all yours with a few twists, turns with the magic of your hands.


14. Loose bun.


15. Braided headband.

Braided headband are your go-to instant chic look.


16. Side braid look.


The perk, is that people will start calling it what you call the hairstyle because when it's a new trend or there is a wow factor about something, people will hog it up.

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