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10 Home Remedies To Make Your Periods Pain Free

Date: 2018-09-27 14:23:14

By Mansha

Girls we have all been there when pain is not leaving our body and all we want to do is sleep all day without moving a single muscle of our body. Stomachache, backache, and heavy blood flow leave us helpless and lazy all through those days that force us to take a painkiller but we all know how painkiller can be bad for our body. So, I have come with some of the home remedies, which would help to reduce your period pains.

Exercise a little:

I know it feels like you can't even move from right to left but light workout really helps to reduce the cramps. Not asking you to run or do heavyweight, just walk on a treadmill and do light workouts.


Heat your abdomen:

Use a hot bag or hot water bottle and keep it on your abdomen. Heat will help you to keep you warm and relaxed.


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Nice back massage with essential oils:

During the periods the most sensitive and painful is a backache, tell someone dearly to massage your back with essential oils. It will reduce the pain in your back.


Abdomen massage:

To reduce your menstrual cramps, apply essential or herbal oils in your abdomen. Massage it for 10-15 minutes and then leave it to heal the pain. After this, you will feel less lazy and less pain.


Have a maximum amount of water:

In the event that you drink water, you can really help by keeping your body from holding water and evade painful bloating. If you have warm or heated water, which is beneficial for cramps. That is on the grounds that hot fluid expands bloodstream and may help loosen up cramped muscles. You can likewise eat nourishments that are water-based including celery, lettuce, watermelon or cucumbers.


Avoid alcohol and tobacco products:

It can make your cramps worst. So completely ignore these on your periods.



Green tea:

Green tea is a characteristic cell reinforcement and furthermore has pain relieving and mitigating properties, which can help soothe the torment and irritation related to period cramps.


Have a nice bath:

Have a nice bubble bath in warm water with your favorite playlist. You will definitely feel warm, lovely and stress-free.


Foot massage:

Your foot has a pressure point that can help you in getting quick alleviation from menstrual cramps. This point is typically situated around three finger widths over your lower leg bone. Delicately kneading this point with your thumb and fingers can help soothe cramps and their side effects like bloating, sleep deprivation, and tipsiness.



Have food, which soothes your pain:

Many girls like having desserts and some like all the junk food. Don't stop yourself from having your favorite mean at this time because this time body needs that. So just go with your guts.


Menstrual cramps can be as painful as having a heart attack; it is like some fat guy is sitting there. So just pamper yourself and don't stress because stress too builds the more pain there. Relax and do things, which make you, feel relaxed.

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