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9 Ways Brothers Protect Their Sisters. Thank You Bro!

Date: 2019-05-29 18:01:36

By Mansha

Brothers are way too much protective of their sisters than for anyone. For them, their sisters are their pride, support and their sisterly love whom they never want to see hurt or in tears. They want their sisters to be happy and blessed for the rest of their lives for which they want to protect them at every step of their lives. They protect them from the world of hatred, fakeness and mean people. They hold them like a daughter, tease them like a sister and love them like a father.

Ways in which brothers protect their sisters...

Telling, "all men are dogs":

Because they don't want their sisters to get hurt in the relationships, they want them to be with the right man at the right time, and that's why they keep on saying, "all men are dogs, be careful".


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Always walking on the other side of roads:

They can't even see you in any kind of pain, neither physical nor emotionally. They always keep you on the safe side of roads to protect you from the fast coming or going vehicles. They are ready to take your side of pain as well...

Protecting you from the world's taunts:

Whenever people taunt you about not getting married or being fat, he just jumps in between to make them realize that he is the only one who has the right to tease you because he has the patent. No one else can make you feel bad about anything except him.


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Protecting from mom's scolding:

Whenever she does something stupid like making mistakes while cooking or ruining her clothes by ironing then every brother jumps in to protect her from scolding by dragging her out of her sight.

Not letting them stay out till late:

They will listen to thousands of ill words from you, but still, they will never allow you to stay out partying till late because deep inside they are worried about the atmosphere around you and if you are with a good set of people. Admit it, they know how is the real world out there.



A major background check of a guy:

No matter if you are dating or about to marry a guy, he will never send you with any other kind of guy. He will do his homework and will send you with the one who will make him believe that you will be the queen of his because you are already a princess to him.

He believes in keeping a track of your friends:

Your friends are his friends, but his friends are not your friends. This is how they work with their sisters because they want to be double sure that their little sisters are with safe and loving people.


If you both are in or were in the same school then:

They will make sure that all his friends will make you their sisters and remaining rest sees you as a sister because they don't want them to mess with his little sister.

They protect you from the harsh reality of life:

They protect you from every harsh reality of life either it is finance related to home related. They keep you like a princess even though they have to live as a normal man. To turn your dreams into reality he gives away his side of dreams. He works and earns money to give you a perfect life.


Having a brother is like having a safe shed above your head, you will never face a single drop of rain falling on your face because they are there to cover it with cold wind of love and care.


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