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How Girls Should Make The First Move? Guys Love This Gesture.

Date: 2020-06-22 22:00:48

By TabloidXO

Why not ladies first?

Why we always expect guys to make the first move? Why should always they put effort because they also deserve some special treatment as well? They also have the right to feel wanted and loved.

Girls, whenever we witness the special treatment by a guy, we always get excited and feel on top of the world. Why should always girls have to witness the type of excitement and not guys? Make that guy feel the same feelings and in return you will get extra love and flirting, which will make you much happier and excited than before.

Here are some amazing ways in which you can try your first move towards a guy.

Buy him a drink when you see him standing at the bar or send a drink for him to his table where he is sitting or standing with his group of friends.

girls approach guys

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Start a normal conversation like asking him his name or what he do and then invite him for the cup of coffee whenever he can take out time from his busy schedule.

Send him romantic emojis on the text and make him feel like you are ready to have him. Emojis can be like hearts, hugs, kisses, or any love related emoji.

girls approach guys

When he is being too friendly and you want to take things to the next level, then start sending him surprises like sending him flowers to his office, sending him his favorite lunch or making gifts for him.

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Give him extra importance like to keep asking him about his day or his plan. Make him feel like you are worried about him and you care about him. Boys fall for attention, girls.

Plan romantic dinners and luncheons. Don't mention dates to him because that will freak him out. Plan some quality time with him with some romantic glitters like book a table with flowers or candles in the middle or book his favorite champagne.

girls approach guys

Pay for it, why should always guys pay for dates? Pay the bill without letting his ego get hurt.

Be a friend to his best buddies because friends play the most important role in everybody's life. Make a good impression in front of his friends and then you are in.


If he is in another city then giving him a surprise visit will excite him. Land on his workstation and say, "surprise". Trust me, he will thank god for having you in his life.

Last, be straightforward about your feeling. Tell him that you like him and you want him to give you a chance to prove your love to him. Girls, guys love it when you tell them about your feeling.

Have a happy weekend people and I hope you get lucky in finding a guy for yourself and if you do find someone, then doesn't feel shy to make the first move because when you like it, say it.


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