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Guys, You Got Rated By Girl From 1-10 A While Ago! Yes, Girls Have Their Scorecard, See What They Look For.

Date: 2019-03-19 19:49:11

By Mansha

I had a coffee date with my guy best friend and we were discussing how men rate the girls, on what basis and how they get to know that they like this girl? He was explaining the whole process while one thing was running in my mind that we, girls are no less. We too have a matrix where we mark boys according to their looks, chivalry, etiquettes and confidence level but I did not discuss this with my best friend.



Today I have come with the basics of how girls rate the boys in their list. Don't kill or hate me, girls, because they have every right to know. Agree with me boys, didn't you?


When a guy passes by us, we look at him from three sides that are, front, back, and side view. Now you must be thinking, why so? Because it comes naturally to us but how we rate them? We rate them according to their face (front view), toned body (back view) and jawline (side view).


Then we rate them according to the looks we are seeing and we compare it to the other guys. If we like the rating then we would love to take things forward by having a conversation. Now at the time of conversation, other matrix starts which depends on his chivalry that how he is treating us example, if he is opening a door for us or offering us something, etiquettes also plays the importance in this matrix if he is treating people with respect especially waiters and friends too then comes the confidence level because confidence tells if the guy is confident enough to fight for us or if he is confident enough to take things forward.

Interesting? Isn't it?


I know all the guys right now must be sticking to the screen and wishing for more information. Keep calm because it is coming... how women really make the decision? This is what you were thinking, aren't you? Caught you, boy.


In the final stage, girls make a matrix in their mind consisting all of the above and if she is satisfied with her own ranking then BOOM you are the one guy. She compares you with her other options and then makes a final decision but she doesn't have the options many times still she makes a matrix according to her expectations and if you reach to her level of expectations then you will have her.

Any more doubts boys? If yes then sorry I won't declare all the secrets.

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