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Easy Ways To Get Out From 'friend Zoned' Tag

Date: 2019-01-15 18:43:25

By Mansha

One-sided love is totally a BT (bad trip) where you have no idea what to do to make that other person fall in love with you in the same manner as you have fallen for them. Most of the times after gathering lots of courage, you face them and share your feelings towards them, in return you get "friend zoned" or I would like to say that, they "friend zoned" you in a very subtle way.
So what's next? You generally play the role of friend to them but still deep inside you die to get them and you are oblivious about the ways to get them as your love partner instead of just a "friend".

Today I have come with the ways that how to get out from the "friend zoned" tag and how to start giving birth to the feelings in their hearts as well...

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Healthy flirting does no harm:

Give day-to-day compliments like "you are glowing today" or "your presence makes me feel alive". Give them all the necessary attention by showering lots of honeyed words.


Focus on their every need:

If they need water, get it to them even before they utter the word "water". Focus on their needs and try to fulfill them. In this way, slowly and surely they will start appreciating your efforts and who knows, maybe they would give you one chance to date them.


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Surprises are key to the heart:

Never hesitate to give them surprises it doesn't have to be something big all the time. Focus on small things which can touch their hearts or which can show your efforts. Mainly, hand made gifts are most effective.


Plan some alone time:

Don't be too prominent but plan some alone dinners or luncheons, so that you can have him or her whole to yourself for some "get to know you" stuff. Be a great listener and speak with brains.


Keep your phone handy:

Keep buzzing or texting them every day, at least two times in a day and talk about random stuff but don't be too pronounced about your feelings towards them and be available to them when they would need you.



Wish them first on every occasion:

Be it Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Christmas or new years, be the first one to wish them. In this way, they will feel that you are prioritizing them.


Yield in his or her friend circle:

Impress their friends and you will get a gate pass to their hearts. Try to indulge yourself completely in his or her friend circle and they will notice the efforts that will force them to give you one chance to prove your love.


Never give up:

Last, never give up because this can take days or even months to let them feel the same feelings towards you. Keep trying and if your love is true then you will get it, what is yours.


When you get friend zoned by a person, who has your heart then it hurts the most and you wish to do anything to have them. We hope this would help you in any manner.

Until next time, cheerio!!


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