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A Simple Example Of How Social Media Is Ruining Our Life.

Date: 2020-12-10 16:55:58

By Manveen

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In the age of enjoying life we are running towards likes and followers or we pretend to look happier because the other person is enjoying life with more leisure. They are running in a race where there is no finishing line and neither are they going to win but end up losing many things.

First of all, you have to understand this one simple thing that people are not as happy as they look on Instagram. If you could understand this one simple thing then there would not be an issue in your life.

social media ruining
Source: Unplash

Imagine, there was a time when you came back from school, had lunch, took a nap, and woke up fresh. When you got up you were very fresh and immediately got to your homework because the sooner you finish it, the sooner you could go out and play and how you cherished each and every minute of it. Now come to the current situation, just depict a scene of your life and add "on their phone" with it. That's it, came back from school and sat with their phone, went out with friends and used their phones, breathed for a second, and missed their phone. We, humans, invented phones so why are we letting our own creation drive it senselessly?

It is about metrics. One person earns 50k per month, has a nice and loving family. They don't have everything in the world but everything they have is enough. They have their bad days and good days. They go out and celebrate in a nice restaurant with their family on special days, they are genuinely happy.

social media ruining
Source: Unplash

Now there is another family with a monthly income of 3 lakhs, their every day is a party. They are celebrating days more than living them. They go to the finest places possible, all fancy restaurants and exotic islands. Now the 50k family looks at them and realizes they don't have the same money and are not doing the same thing, which in turn makes them unhappy.

The 50k family was not unhappy before till the time they saw a glimpse of the 3 lakh family. Mind you, just a glimpse of their life and not their life itself. If you think about it actually, on your happiest days you do not even go near your phones. If you are truly happy in a moment, you are too busy living it and not capturing it. What if that family is nothing but a facade?

social media ruining
Source: Unplash

Say what you may but it is not the facade and instead, you are responsible for your unhappiness. You are investing enough power in something that is virtual, a facade, a vision, a staged attempt to make you happy and unhappy. Every product exists, but it is your choice how you let it affect you. There are companies churning cigarettes and liquor, but it is your choice to indulge in it or not. You are responsible for your own happiness. Often we use social media as an excuse but why are we letting it?

You made social media and you should decide how it should affect your life.

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