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How The Life Of Students Will Be Impacted Due To Coronavirus.

Date: 2020-07-14 11:57:08

By Manveen

The question for "will it?" does not exist. Coronavirus has affected everybody, each and every person in the world. Nobody is safe, politicians have fallen, actors and actresses have fallen sick and everybody across the globe has their share of stories to tell. It does not matter if you are a school going student or a college-going student if you are working or a housewife, everybody has been shaken up by Corona.

student coronavirus

Students who just went into class 12th, some of them are worried that they are missing out on their last year of school and the academic whereas some of them are already happy to have an excuse if they do not do well. If anybody will question them for a bad performance in 2021, they will simply say they were too disturbed by 2020 to focus on their studies. Lucky folks!

The ones who just got their results are in a state of confusion. They do not know when and where to apply for college. Pretty much, all boards became easy on marking so for the toppers, their marks are nothing to gloat and for the ones who had lost hope, congratulations, Coronavirus you did all some good. At least you passed!

student coronavirus


Some colleges have taken only one level of entrance examination and declared results for college admission on grounds of that only. Is it fair? No! What if somebody was counting on another level or was better suited with skills for the next levels. Many problems arise there. Many people are speculating that 2020 will be declared a zero year, but the academic stretches in two years, how do you manage to propose a solution to them?

What about the students who are awaiting their graduation? College campus placements are a joke, right now. The entire industry is crippled. Many would have retorted to careers at TikTok but that too now has been taken away from them. Fuck the universe!

student coronavirus

But seriously, what are people supposed to do who are in Delhi University? Online examination sounds like an option but not everyone will agree. Delhi University harbours students from all walks of life. Are you sure everybody has a laptop or wifi? What about the ones who worked so hard for the last three years and only are going to be disappointed now with not a fair system of evaluation?

Well, fair play and a pleasing policy seem like a far off call until the vaccine is developed. Not Patanjali but a legitimate working vaccine so that you know we can plan our lives ahead or only buy more pajamas because we might just spend an entire year at home.

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