How To Approach A Girl At A Wedding Without Coming Off As A Creep

Date: 2019-01-17 13:02:09

By Manveen

So you have been wondering as to how to approach a girl without her updating herself with a hashtag "Me Too" and we do not blame you but understand them as well but you have a solid case and that is why we are here to help you out, mate.

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So a ground rule first does not take inspiration from Bollywood. That my friend is the utmost myth of your existence, the hero might have sung and danced in front of everybody at a wedding and impressed the heroine but did you wonder where the heroine's father was or brother or any overprotective testosterone loaded kin?


No, right? because Bollywood somehow manages to hide them in a corner but in reality, most weddings happen in confined spaces, as large as they could be but anything saucy can be reported so unless you bear no love to your bones then approach a girl with that kind of directness at a wedding.

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Imagine the wedding turning into the red wedding except you would be the Robb Stark this time, so much for roleplay.
Quite ironical it is, is it not? Such sanskar that you would want to hit on a girl at a wedding. Indian culture is quite bipolar.


But leave that, so do not gawk at her. Yes, she does look like a million bucks but looking at her is not going to win you that lottery in fact maybe not looking would be.
Keep your approach to her as if you would approach her with a distant sister and no we know what your bargain is but hear us out first.

The fact is that girls can sense anything at a mile that you cannot even begin to fathom so if your approach to her is too blunt she might diss you off as a creep at one go only but when you approach her as a distant sister and note that we said "distant" so now this distant cousin is not somebody you are familiar or comfortable with. So there is some degree of awkwardness between you two so you maintain a distance from her.


But since she is also your sister you would be friendly towards her, friendly enough to start a conversation on neutral grounds with no inappropriate sexual humor or douchebag-ness and after a point, you would be a lot less uncomfortable around her.

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The fact that you started off from awkwardness and ended up on some degree of friendship is because you were not trying to hook up with her in your head which automatically resulted in you subconsciously putting up a restraint yet a decent impression when you did not creep her out.


So do not approach her with ideas in your head and let us know how it went for you. All the best!

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